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We present The Bulletin’s first fully online magazine

The Bulletin team are proud to present our first fully digital magazine. The 2020-21 edition of The Bulletin takes the themes, analysis and local knowledge that have characterised the print magazine ever since it was launched in 1962 and turns it into a multimedia online platform.

Artificial intelligence in the EU: Balancing benefit and control

When the President of the European Commission made her first speech to the European Parliament in December 2019, she officially recognized “Artificial Intelligence” as an area of strategic importance for the European Union. Nine months later, addressing once again the European Parliament in her maiden “State of the Union’ speech”, she had moved from spelling out “Artificial Intelligence” to talking in terms of ‘AI’ – so well-known is the technology within the EU bubble now.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: Illustration picture shows a bus of the MIVB-STIB (BELGA PHOTO)

Number of fines handed out to Stib drivers increases

Stib drivers received 899 traffic violation tickets last year, compared to 591 in 2018, according to a report published on Saturday. This increase can be explained in particular by speeding offences, as the number of 30kph zones in Brussels continues to grow, and other offences related to driving...
GERAARDSBERGEN, BELGIUM: Illustration picture shows the high water of the Dender (Dendre), in the Karmelietenstraat in Geraardsbergen, in Flemish Ardennes, Friday 14 January 2011. (BELGA PHOTO NICOLAS MAETERLINCK)

Projections of sea level rises show Flanders underwater

Projections of sea level rises over the next 10,000 years by glaciologist Jonas Van Breedam at the VUB show that Flanders, and some regions of Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark will one day be under water. The amount of greenhouse gases emitted over the next 30 to 200 years could lead to an...

White gold: Belgian endive’s strong taste follows an intriguing harvest

It’s endive season in Belgium, and there’s nowhere better to buy it than in Flemish Brabant, one of the prime sources of this ‘white gold’ of local cuisine. The time is ripe to buy the coveted grondwitloof – as it’s known in Dutch.

Covid causes rare outbreak of unity in Belgian politics

Listen to this article: Belgium has become a byword for contorted political solutions, the result of its many layers of government pulling in different directions. But the country’s response to the coronavirus has involved something surprising: a single, national approach. “There were absurd,...

Brussels Explained: Join our online sessions in November to better understand the city

How can we improve quality of life and accessibility in Brussels? What are the consequences of Brexit for Brits in Brussels? And have you ever wondered why there are so many parakeets in the city?

Those are some of the questions that experts will try to answer in the next series of Brussels Explained - an eye-opening and interactive set of online talks every Tuesday evening in November, that aim to help us better understand the city in which we live.

Supermarket shoppers can eye non-food items, but must order online

The pick-up desk at the Carrefour in Korbeek-Lo perfectly illustrates the somewhat surreal situation in which shoppers find themselves if they want to buy non-food items. While customers cannot buy tights, toys or a toaster in the supermarket itself, they can order it all online and pick it all up...

‘Cancellation of Winter Wonders will cost economy €100 million’

The Brussels economy stands to lose more than €100 million because of the cancellation of Winter Wonders, according to Brussels-City councillor Fabian Maingain (Défi). Earlier this week, the city council made the decision to cancel the five-week Christmas market. Winter Wonders features more than...
A electric car connected at a recharging point (BELGA PHOTO KATLEEN VASTIAU)

Record number of motorists using Brussels electric car charging stations

Motorists throughout the Brussels Capital Region can charge their electric cars at 122 locations, accounting for nearly 250 charging points in total. Never before have they been used so often as in the month of October, according to information from the regional traffic agency Brussels Mobility...