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Manuscripts of Irish friars in 17th-century Leuven digitised

A remarkable collection of manuscripts assembled by Irish friars living in Leuven in the 17th century has been reunited, thanks to an international digitisation project. The whole collection is now available online for scholars to study, and to inspire anyone interested in Irish history and...

Old Stib ticket validators turned into key cabinets

While it seems like eons ago, it’s only been three years since those orange ticket validators disappeared from Stib buses, trams and metro stations. And they didn’t wind up in a landfill: They have all been repurposed. So should you have need of a key cabinet, have we got good news for you. Staff...

Get your art fix! Must-see modern and contemporary art shows in Brussels

The Belgian capital lives up to its reputation as a creative hotspot with a feast of current and upcoming exhibitions filling its cultural agenda this season. The artistic landscape has never been livelier with long-anticipated and eclectic solo and group shows by home-grown and international talent.

Winner Obada Otabashi We Exist MoneyGram Awards

Belgian migrant entrepreneurs honoured at MoneyGram European Awards

Brussels-based Syrian refugee Obada Otabashi (pictured, above) was one of the three top winners at the first European MoneyGram Awards 2019 on Thursday evening. The awards ceremony in Brussels rewarded migrant entrepreneurs for supporting local economies and reinforcing integration in Belgium,...

Contemporary Art Measures The World

The 54th  annual « Fêtes de la Saint-Martin » welcome visitors in Tourinnes-la-Grosse (a lovely French-speaking village 30km east of Brussels, Belgium)  from the 3rd to the  24th of November.

It is a multi-cultural festival of contemporary art exhibitions, offering an overview of the unusual artists’ route (an essential element in Belgian art), a theatrical performance, various concerts and exhibits.

Belgium among EU's happiest countries, poll finds

Is Belgium one of the happiest countries in the Europe? Apparently so, according to a poll by Eurostat published this week. The EU's official statistics body asked people across the member states how often they felt happy - from "constantly" to "never". The in-between stages were "most of the time...

Test Dutch skills in nursery school, says education minister

Dutch- language testing should begin in nursery school, according to Ben Weyts, the new education minister in the government of Flanders. This will enable teachers to catch children whose Dutch skills are not up to the mark before they go on to primary school. “Dutch is the key to acquiring...

Adopt cat

Retired stay at home lady wants to adopt young, vaccinated (with vaccination book) cat to join 2 others in cat friendly appartment, no garden. Please call 0477 301571


White powder found on train being analysed for anthrax

A train was held up for three hours yesterday afternoon when a suspicious white powder was discovered. The train was travelling from Brussels to Ostend. The train was routed to an unused track near Denderleeuw at about 16.45 on Wednesday. The 32 passengers and rail staff on board were not allowed...

What’s on this week: 8-14 November

It’s worth a trip to the Fine Arts Museum for the sole purpose of seeing Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota’s breathtaking installation ‘Me Somewhere Els’. She made a big splash at the Venice biennial in 2015 with her textile works, which often incorporate figures or found objects, placing them in an...