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Health eating Nutri-Score

Government healthy eating recommendations: More fruit, veg & wholegrains!

It may not be the reminder that everyone wants to hear on the eve of a period of feasting, but Belgium’s health department has issued its latest report on healthy eating. Aimed at encouraging the population to adopt a healthier diet, it includes 12 rules - and five priorities - reinforcing the link...

Governments agree on national climate plan

Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels and the acting federal government have reached agreement on a national climate plan. The European Commission had set a deadline of 31 December to submit the plan. The plan has been hammered out using regional climate programmes that had already been approved. The...
Launch of Notre Avenir co-operative

L’Avenir newspaper launches co-operative and €1m fundraising bid

Staff at Belgium’s French-speaking regional daily L’Avenir have launched a co-operative to raise at least €1 million to earn on a seat on the management board and guarantee future editorial freedom for the 100-year-old paper. In a first for a Belgian daily, the setting up of the co-operative Notre...
Pascale Risbourg wallpaper

Designer Pascale Risbourg has carved out a niche for playful, contemporary wallpaper

In the late 1980s, Pascale Risbourg took part in an exhibition at the Fondation Cartier – then in Jouy-en-Josas, outside Paris. Synonymous with traditional toile de Jouy, or cotton cloth printed with pastoral scenes, typically in blue or red, the town has a museum dedicated to the genre, which...

New year party : 28 is the new 31

Because going out on the 31st is overrated,
This year, we are celebrating New Year's Eve early at Café Floréo!

David Ghetto will enchant you with a great selection of R&B, Rap, Pop, Dance, Disco, Funk, Afrobeat, Trap, Dancehall, Salsa, Kizumba, Country Music, Folk, Hardcore, Minimalist-Punk, K-Pop, Lambada, Bachata, Tralala, Rock Core Metal Gear Fusion, Ranchero, Basque Opera, French Song, Romanian Song, Uganda Song and Gregorian Song-

It's going to be good, come on!

Pet-sitter available!

I am a serious, responsible and kind lady and I respect animals. I am available during the week, on weekends, on holidays, on Christmas, in New Year and in the great vacation to take care of your dear pets. I watch your dear animals per hour or a few hours or a few days.

I give to eat and drink your pets. I walk too out your dogs in the parks or in the streets. And I play with your dogs and cats.

I can as well give water your plants.

I have references and I live in Bruxelles.

Babysitter available

I am a young lady responsible and kind with children, I am speaking ENG, FR, Dutch and I am available a few afternoons in the week, during the weekends, evenings and on holidays for the babysitting.

I pick too up your child(ren) from school and bring them home. I keep also your child(ren), I monitor your child(ren), I play with the child(ren), I give to eat your child(ren) and I stay with them until the parents come to home. I have references and I live in Brussels.

Train strike in Belgium-Belga

Rail strike: One-third of trains to run on Thursday

Around one train in three will continue to operate during Thursday’s train strike. One-half of the international train service is due to run as normal as well as one in three L and S trains. The majority of P trains will not circulate. Rail traffic will be disrupted from 22.00 on Wednesday due to...

Universities launch diversity research centre to provide ‘more nuanced’ views

An academic collaboration on diversity, urbanism and citizenship has been set up in Mechelen by Antwerp University and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). The partnership aims to combine practical knowledge from the field with research, and so have a more nuanced effect on public policy. “Our...

Interior renovation of North Station is complete

With the re-opening of the underground passage, SNCB has completed the renovation of North Station in Brussels, a project that began in 2014. North Station is the busiest train station in Belgium, with more than 80 trains an hour and some 60,000 people passing through every weekday. The works were...