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Pop-up Speakeasy Bar - Afterwork

Join us on Thursday 26th March for a Speakeasy evening at Full Circle House.

Get a taste of our social engineering skills and exquisite cocktails while playing our latest Speakeasy game. 

Bring your friends and anyone you want to get better acquainted with. 

- Free registration - 

Weinberg’s Rhapsody on Moldovian Themes

Stunning folk-inspired classical music composed by Mieczysław Weinberg, one of the outstanding composers of the second half of the twentieth century. His Rhapsody on Moldavian Themes is a concise medley of tunes that embrace folk influence, both melancholic and high spirited, culminating in a joyous and unstoppable dance.

Whether you’re new to 20th century music, or already sold on its charms, you’ll find yourself captivated by this colorful composition performed by violinist Sadie Fields and pianist Stéphanie Salmin.

What’s on this week: 6-12 March

‘Hands Up, Hands Off’ is the theme for this year’s La Belle Hip Hop , a celebration of women in urban music. As the theme suggests, it’s also a condemnation of violence against women, supported by the #Realize campaign, and kicks off on International Women’s Day with a concerts of international...


Does your child

BETWEEN 6 AND 16 YEARS need help in FRENCH?

Experienced teacher from FRANCE, I loved teaching as a primary teacher. I’ve always had a very good relationship with children and teenagers.

Trip-hop singer files complaint against Uber driver for corona ‘joke’

Brussels trip-hop singer JoBee has filed a police report against an Uber driver who played an elaborate ‘joke’ on her that included the threat of being infected with the coronavirus. The incident took place last Sunday. The driver picked her up in Molenbeek and told her that he had just taken an...

Moshé - A Photographic Portrait by Sandrine Lopez

Sandrine Lopez (born Bordeaux, 1982) is a photographer who lives in Brussels. One evening, she passes an old man, Moshé, in the street dressed as a rabbi. She stops him and asks if she can photograph him. He accepts, and shyly asks if she will give him a bath in exchange. For two years, they met at his home once a week.

High Performance Michelin Alpin Green X PA4 winter tyres

4 High Performance Michelin Alpin Green X PA4 winter tyres with 10 spoke Mecedes C wheels (205/60 R16 92H) for sale. Bought full set last year for 1,400€ and selling for -40% discount = 800€ o.n.o.
Mobile/GSM: +32 488 95 88 38

Call for more Brussels streets to be named after women

Only 6% of streets in Brussels that carry a person's name are women, according to new research by a feminist collective which is collecting suggestions for new names. Sixty volunteers from Open Knowledge Belgium and the Noms Peut-Être collective trawled through every street name in the Brussels...

Smurfette installation at Atomium marks International Women's Day

The Atomium, the United Nations and the Smurfs are working together on a new gender equality installation to be unveiled on International Women's Day. The show in the ground level and central spheres will contain various examples of the "Smurfette principle" culled from films and contemporary...

Travel back in time at Cinematek in March

As part of this year's Offscreen Festival , Brussels' Cinematek is showing a range of weird and wonderful films about time travel in March. Time travel, a popular theme in science fiction and fantasy novels, took longer to catch on in the cinema than on the printed page and TV. With the exception...