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Housekeeper wanted in Uccle

We are offering a full-time position as a housekeeper in Uccle (stop: Dieweg).

Your tasks would include : 

- prepare breakfast table, tidy up after breakfast

- make the beds, tidy up the kids toys

- wash all clothes, iron, put things back in cupboards

- prepare dinner, tidy up after dinner

- make sure the whole house is in order

- help with the kids baths, get the baby to sleep

- weekly routine : wax some shoes, change the bedsheets, vacuum the car, cook...

Stéphane Mandelbaum

The innners demons of an 80's provocative artist

Bach and beyond

BachWerk performs music by our favourite composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, including “Jesu meine Freude” and “Komm, süßer Tod”. The concert will also explore the music of Heinrich Schütz, Josef Rheinberger and Felix Mendelssohn. A beautiful programme spanning 100 years of German composers.

Conditional discharge for Coca-Cola billboard hacker

An activist who climbed to the top of the Coca-Cola sign at Place De Brouckere and hacked the display to condemn the transatlantic trade deal, TTIP, has avoided a fine and will spend no time in jail. A Brussels court found the 26-year-old guilty of illegally accessing a computer system. The maximum...

'Square Maurane' inaugurated in Schaerbeek

A square in Schaerbeek has been named in honour of the late Belgian singer Maurane on the first anniversary of her death. Square Maurane is located on the corner of Rue Jacques Rayé, where the singer lived for more than 20 years. Maurane, who was 57, was found dead in her home in May 2018 just days...

Universities ask new governments for multi-lingual education

E lections are coming up at the end of the month, and Brussels’ Dutch- and French-speaking universities, VUB and ULB, have drafted their priorities in a common memorandum. They devoted particular attention to the boosting of publicly funded multi-lingual education in the capital. When registering...

Pint of Science: Walking through time - the secrets of evolution

Life as we know it is the product of billions of years of evolution. Have you ever looked at your wrist and thought about how it evolved? Our scientists track the path that primate wrist development took, and take you on a journey through time to study dinosaur evolution. These studies can tell us what Planet Earth might have looked like millions of years ago, and can explain how and why we evolved the dexterous wrists that we see in humans today. 

Pint of Science: Human Impact: the hidden signs in nature

Us humans have changed the natural world so much that scientists have started referring to this point in time as the Anthropocene – the era of humanity shaping the climate and environment. Join us to discover how humanity’s goal for ever more renewable energy is changing Belgium’s marine ecology, as well as how researching previous mass extinctions help us to see the hidden signs of what we're now doing to the earth. 

Pint of Science Ice Worlds

At the Antarctic, conditions are harsher than possibly anywhere else on Earth. Average temperatures range from -10 to -60 degrees Celsius. And yet, once upon a time, this is what all of Earth used to look like. Dr Alexandra Rodler takes us back in time to explore the Snowball Earth, while researchers Dr Sainan Sun and Dr Mana Inoue explain what it's really like to live and work in Antarctica, and why Antarctic research is important.

Luxembourg-Schuman pedestrian bridge under consideration

A study has been commissioned on the possibility of constructing a pedestrian and cycle bridge between Place du Luxembourg and Rond-point Schuman. The bridge would be completely separated from traffic. The success of the pedestrian bridge that runs along the train tracks between Luxembourg and...