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Coronavirus Belgium Brussels Airport-Belga

Coronavirus: Two patients infected by Covid-19 travelled through Belgium

The federal government is meeting today to discuss the risks of the spread of coronavirus in the country after two people diagnosed with coronavirus were reported to have travelled through Belgium. Brussels South Charleroi Airport announced on Sunday that it was activating the third phase of its...








Bpost limited delivery postal service

What changes in Belgium (and Luxembourg) on 1 March?

Postal service From 1 March, non-urgent post will only be delivered two times a week by Bpost: on Monday or Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday. The limited delivery concerns all non-priority post, publicity post and non-weekly magazines. Free public transport in Luxembourg The Grand Duchy of...

Open wide: Imec presents health sensors that you swallow

Imagine taking a pill that would monitor processes in your body and send the data digitally to your health-care professional? This straight-out-of-science-fiction device was presented at the recent Solid-States Circuit conference in San Francisco by researchers at imec. The Leuven-based nano-...

Vehicle to use cameras and sensors to record damage to Brussels streets

Brussels Mobility is setting loose a vehicle on the streets next month with cameras and sensors that will record damage to roads, pavements and other infrastructure. The goal is to improve efficiency of public works. The images will be delivered directly to a databank and provide a map of damage...

XX Time

Du 12 mars au 4 avril, découvrez toute la programmation de notre deuxième édition du XX TIME.  XX Time, une façon de fêter l’ère qui se profile, celle de la libération. Un évènement à marquer de deux croix avec nos corps, avec nos voix. Un temps suspendu chromosomiquement intense… 

création, théâtre, danse, performance, installation, rencontres, débats, projections documentaires, atelier, concert

Coronavirus: BNP Paribas asking employees to work from home

BNP Paribas Fortis, one of Belgium’s largest banks, is asking employees who’ve recently travelled abroad not to come into work due to concerns over the coronavirus. Any employee who’s travelled to a country or region where there’s been an outbreak of the coronavirus is being asked not to come into...

Brussels gets new church for first time in 35 years

A new church is to be built on the van Meyel square in the Brussels commune of Etterbeek. The Brussels-Capital Region has awarded a building permit to the church wardens who own the plot of land where the church is to be built. A neo-gothic church used to exist in that exact same place, but it was...

Forgotten castle part of 5,000 years of history unearthed in Belgian fields

If archaeology is all about discovering the past, then the Aalter-Woestijne project must rate as one of the most successful digs ever carried out in Flanders. In fields beside the Ghent-Bruges canal, archaeologists found significant traces of human activity from prehistoric times up to the 18th...

Neighbourhood committees unite against large building developers

Roughly 40 neighbourhood councils have established a new umbrella committee so they can collectively fight against the city’s development plans. The Brussels-Capital Region’s Construction Master Plan is a text that establishes a legal framework for the city’s future development projects. A first...