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An image of the meteorite over Brussels taken from one of the cameras of the Fireball Recovery and Interplanetary Observation Network (FRIPON) (©Vigie-Ciel / Institut Royal d’Aéronomie Spatiale de Belgique)

Flemish observatory calls for help in search of meteorite samples

A “very clear" meteorite was observed over parts of Western Europe early on Friday morning, according to the Mira Observatory, located in Grimbergen, Flanders. The observatory announced the sighting of the meteor, which was seen in the skies over Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and England on...
Illustration shows lots of police forces and people having an administrative arrestation in marge of a demonstration called Stop the class justice, stop the racist justice to denounce the lack of reaction of justice and the government after physical, psychological and or economical violences towards women and all minorities, Sunday 24 January 2021, in Brussels. (BELGA PHOTO NICOLAS MAETERLINCK)

Protest against police brutality results in dozens of arrests

A demonstration by about 100 people on the Mont des Arts on Sunday went ahead without the permission of the Brussels authorities, with the police eventually moving in and making arrests. The demonstrators, protesting against perceived injustice in recent cases of alleged police brutality and the...

italian conversation tables

Do you want to brush up your italian?

I am  an italian native speaker ready to help you to improve your italian speaking skills.

Adults and children are welcome!

currently due to Covid restirictions the tables will be held on line

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Rural retreat: Escape the crowds and head to a hideaway in Wallonia’s spectacular countryside

This winter, what could be more appealing than running away for a few days or more to an idyllic spot in the south of Belgium? For a slice of country life – whatever the weather – Gîtes et Chambres d’hôtes de Wallonie offers a selection of more than 900 homes to rent all year round. With its...

Huawei’s Global Connectivity Index 2020 reveals need to increase productivity through digital transformation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has a deep impact on global economy and revealed the need for digitization, as economic development all over the globe has taken a hit. Entire sectors like the service industry have shut down in a number of countries and the fragility of global supply chains has become apparent. The pandemic has also demonstrated the need for digitization of both the public and private sectors to adjust business models, to cope with the outbreak and contain its negative effects.

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Local, slow, vegan, green: Six Belgian brands reshaping fashion

Listen to this article: Belgium has long been a hotbed for fashion, especially since the emergence of the Antwerp Six collective in the 80s, which put Belgian fashion on the map. Renowned schools such as Antwerp’s Royal Academy and Brussels’ La Cambre attract students from across the globe, making...

Belgium bans non-essential travel until 1 March

Belgium has banned non-essential foreign travel - to and from the country - until 1 March, in an attempt to stop the spread of new, more contagious, strains of coronavirus. The measure enters force on Wednesday (27 January). But prime minister Alexander De Croo said: "We are not going to build a...

Maths, Phys & Chem

Tutoring given using 3 possible languages (FR, EN, SP) in: Math, Physics, Chemistry & other scientific topics. All levels including University (Eng. /Med./GMAT…) and in particular the International (IB), European (EB) & French Baccalaureates, IGCSC, A Levels, AP, SAT... Used to International schools’ curricula (BSB, ISB & St Johns…). Extensive experience, former teacher of the European Schools, hands-on teaching method, comes home or online. Tel: O475 91 67 67

Illustration picture shows the street sign during the inauguration of the Atomium Square (Square de l'Atomium - Place de l'Atomium - Atomiumplein), at the Heysel plateau (Heizel), in Brussels, Monday 09 July 2018. (BELGA PHOTO)

Atomium edges closer to protected status after years of wrangling

For years, politicians have been talking about the classification of the Atomium, but the City of Brussels has always provided enough opposition to prevent the iconic structure from gaining protected status. However, the latest attempts may finally result in a positive outcome. Classifying a...
Illustration picture shows a police car of the Brussels-Midi police zone in front of a police station, Sunday 24 May 2020. (BELGA PHOTO THIERRY ROGE)

Video of racist police officers causes outrage, calls for action from politicians

Police authorities in Brussels fear repercussions among an already suspicious and frustrated populace after a video surfaced online showing two officers making racist and homophobic remarks while on patrol in Anderlecht in October 2018. In the two-minute video, two young policewomen from the...