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Transport in Belgium: What you need to know about getting around

Need more help? Check more articles on the Transport section of our website - or ask a question on our Q&A board and fellow Bulletin readers will be happy to help.

Education in Belgium: Our guide to choosing a school or university

Moving to Belgium with a family is full of big decisions, but one of the most important decisions you’ll make is where to put your child into school. There is a wide variety of choices of the type of school in which you enrol your child, depending on their language, background and talents. Belgium...

Leisure in Belgium: Our guide to enjoying your free time

Make new friends, pursue a new hobby or get involved with volunteering. Here are some ideas to help you enjoy your leisure time in Belgium. More ideas? Don't forget to check out our comprehensive Culture section here.

Working in Belgium: Our guide to finding a job or starting a business

Brussels is full of job opportunities, but with a regular influx of enthusiastic new faces all looking to get on the ladder and further their careers, it can be hard to ensure you get the job you want. Here we help answer your questions about seeking work in Belgium, setting up as self-employed,...

Living in Belgium: What you need to know about healthcare and family life

Being ill or having to go to hospital ranges from mild worry to a life-shattering experience. The good news is that you’re in Belgium, a country with one of the world’s best healthcare systems. Here’s how to make the most of it. Still need help? Check more articles on the Living section of our...

A beginner's guide to culture in Brussels and beyond

Melting pot Brussels - and Belgium as a whole - is buzzing with culture all year round, from cinema to live music, art exhibitions to book readings. Not to mention hundreds of museums for all tastes and interests. Where will your culture discovery take you? Need more ideas? Check more articles on...

Moving to Belgium: Everything you need to know

So you're moving to Belgium . Congratulations. You probably have lots of questions about finding a place to live and getting settled in. Let us help. Moving to Belgium? Here are some essential steps to take Seven things you should know before moving to Belgium Which Brussels neighbourhood should...

Understanding Belgium: A beginner's guide to getting settled here

Few countries are more complicated to explain than Belgium, with its many governments, parliaments, languages, regions and identities. It might seem baffling when you first arrive here, but it has always been a crossroads of business and culture, offering a warm welcome to foreigners. Belgium is a...

Play Your Part: €100,000 fundraiser launched for community Warehouse theatre

Brussels thespians and community groups have launched the fundraising campaign Play Your Part to save a much-loved city theatre from closure. For more than 30 years, the Warehouse and Studio Theatre in Schaerbeek has played an integral part in the rich cultural melting pot of English-language...

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