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Pro-Palestine painting of Liège stairs could be subject of legal action

14:27 24/03/2024

The Bueren staircase in Liège has been painted in the colours of the Palestinian flag by activists from the Palestine Action Belgique collective.

Christine Defraigne, the alderwoman responsible for protecting Liège's heritage, said she found the action offensive and believes the people behind it should be punished, urging the university which owns the staircase to support legal action.

“I maintain that this cannot go unpunished, otherwise it opens the door to many abuses,” said Defraigne.

“There is enough freedom and freedom of speech in our city. There are ways of expressing oneself without destroying public space and heritage, the latter being the heritage of those who don't have it.”

The matter is due to be discussed at the next two local council meetings.

“We'll see what comes of it,” Defraigne said. “Police reports have also been drawn up, which means that the public prosecutor's office can take legal action.”

The city has estimated the cost of cleaning up the vandalism on the historical staircase to be between €10,000 and €15,000.

Written by Helen Lyons



So no one saw them painting, no police were around or called in to stop them?

Mar 25, 2024 16:07