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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in Bangalore in November 2019

This 200-hour yoga teacher training in Bangalore incorporates every possible aspect of yoga to ensure the complete holistic development of yogi. Through this yoga teacher training in India, you’ll get a chance to achieve authentic wisdom of yoga in the supervision of the master himself, Shwaasa guru - Swami Vachananand Ji.

‘Stop slaughter without stunning in Brussels’, 17 organisations demand

Belgium’s animal rights organisation Gaia has joined 16 other associations in penning an open letter to the new Brussels government demanding a ban on the slaughter of livestock without first stunning the animals. Stunning with an electric shock to the brain is required in Flanders and will be in...

N-VA sends formal proposal to two other parties in Flanders

As the process to form a new Flemish government continue following May’s elections, progress was made today when N-VA chair Bart De Wever sent a startnota to Christian-democrats CD&V and liberals Open VLD. A startnota is a formal proposal drawn up for the formation of an administration, based...

Brussels-Capital Region to scrap 65,000 parking spots

The Brussels-Capital Region has announced it plans to scrap 65,000 streetside parking spots by 2030. This will bring the number of available parking spots to just under 200,000, or a decrease by quarter. The decision follows from the Good Move regional mobility plan unveiled by the regional...

Dudenpark in Brussels to close for two weeks

The Brussels-Capital Region's environmental agency Leefmilieu Brussel have announced they will temporarily close Dudenpark in Forest later this week. Dudenpark, one of Brussels most-beloved parks, will stay closed from August 15 until August 31 so the agency can prune the park’s sick trees and...

Largest sculpture in Europe going up on the E411

The first pieces of ‘Arc majeur’, a new public artwork in Namur province, went up at the weekend. When finished in October, it will be the largest sculpture in Europe. ‘Arc majeur’ is being erected on the E411 at Rochefort. It will tower 60 metres above the motorway, twice as tall as Rio de Janeiro...

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

yoga Teacher Training in India

MONTGOMERY - Modern large appart, 120 m2, 2 bdr - fully equipped

30 m from square Montgomery, free view, 2 large bedrooms (17 & 16 m2), large living/dining 45 m2 plenty of light, entrance space 12 m2 (bureau desk/dressing), fully equipped american kitchen with protected terrace, kitchen balcony, bathroom, wc aside.

Windows with double glass, parquet in the whole apartment, security entrance door – kitchen & bathroom with tiles.

For visits and info please contact: +32 (0)489 30 19 99 -

International Art Exhibition 'The Enchanted Garden 2019'

The Enchanted Garden will again open its’ gates and invite the visitor on a journey of mysteries and wonders, transformations and metamorphosis.

This large and natural garden, situated just near the ‘border’ between the French and the Flemish part of Belgium, hosts a most special International art exhibition: It is eclectic, with a multitude of expressions in spirit and form – amazing and beautiful, fun and burlesque, poetic, thoughtful, meditative …

Art Inspired by, and in Dialogue With, Nature.