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Coronavirus in Belgium: What are the rules on wearing masks?

As Belgium slowly eases its coronavirus movement restrictions, face masks have become compulsory in several places - and "strongly encouraged" in others. Here's a recap of the rules. The general rule Masks are recommended in any public place where a minimum 1.5-metre distance cannot be guaranteed...

Sworn translations in Belgium

Need a sworn translation in Belgium? 
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Compulsory school from five years confirmed

School in Belgium will be compulsory from the age of five, after Dutch- and French-speaking authorities approved lowering the compulsory school age by a year. The Wallonia-Brussels Federation parliament unanimously approved the move on Wednesday, after Flanders did the same last week. The third and...

More flight noise over eastern Brussels for next six weeks

Residents in the eastern suburbs of Brussels can expect increased flight noise nuisance for six weeks, starting next Monday. The main 25-R runway at Brussels Airport will be closed for repair works from 13 July to 23 August, requiring a change to flight patterns. Wind directions permitting, the...

Dogs learn to swim at Belgian veterinary practice

If you, like me, were told as a youth that all dogs know how to swim and so when your pet jumps into the lake, you need not worry, you will be shocked at the following news. Pieter Vanacker of Kapelle-op-den-Bos, north of Brussels, gives swimming lessons to dogs. “It’s a misconception that all dogs...

Wake up your 'tunnel reflex' with new traffic safety campaign

Do you have a “tunnel reflex”? Flanders’ Roads and Traffic Agency would like you to and have launched a safety campaign about it. Some 400 accidents a year happen in tunnels in Flanders – nearly half of them in the region’s six biggest tunnels, including the Kennedy ( pictured ), Craeybeckx and...

Royal Academy of Dance ballet classes with Renard École de Danse

Classical ballet classes held weekly in Nivelles, Linkebeek and Rhode-Saint-Genèse, with immersion in English!

Lessons follow the prestigious syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance. All classes are highly structured with a focus on correct, safe technique, whilst maintaining a truly fun atmosphere. The syllabus also encourages the musicality and creativity of each child. 

Beautiful Dansaert/St Catherine apartment

Bright, big windows, full of sunshine, great balcony, spacious bathroom, a bath, bedroom away from street, high ceilings, possible the street will be pedestrianised by end of 2021, fully equiped kitchen, wooden floor, walk in closet, great outlook, separate toilet, reinforced front door, double glazed windows. Lots more photos and details on immoweb link below, will go fast, there is a lot of interest. 74sqm.

Cemetery photography: the Belgian Instagrammer finding beauty in decay

Instagram is all about sharing what you think is pretty - it could be yourself, your breakfast, your dog or a landscape. But there are Instagrammers who do not really care for all that. To them, pretty equals gloomy, decaying and perishable. Instead of colourful pictures basking in the sunlight,...

Deluxe 4BR townhouse apt near EU

Gorgeous luxury tri-level townhouse (maision du maitre) apartment, starting on first floor, on quiet street in the heart of the EU region, less than 5 blocks from most EU institutions and Metro. Just one block from famous Art Nouveau Square Amborix, and its park-like facilities. The house has classic early 20th Century touches but is totally refurbished and modern inside. Large private deck on tranquil courtyard. Classic living area features Marble fireplace. Four Bedrooms 3.5 baths, one luxury. Full size washer and dryer and modern American kitchen. Suitable for family or group.