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Survey finds big regional differences in how Belgians greet others

Should you kiss or shake hands when greeting someone in Belgium? According to a new study, there is a great discrepancy between the north and the south of the country. In Wallonia, the overwhelming majority believe the proper greeting for a friend is a kiss on the cheek, with 90% of people agreeing...

Anderlecht youth build replica 17th-century warship

A group of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Brussels' Canal Zone have spent the past year building an impressive seaworthy replica of a 17th-century French warship - and it is ready to set sail next week. La Licorne (the unicorn) is a joint project between L'Atelier Marin and COOP , a...

Car-sharing firm Ubeeqo quits Brussels

Brussels car-sharing scheme Ubeeqo has ceased operations - as management see more potential in electric moped-sharing than cars. The service, which launched in 2017, was available for the final time last Friday. Its fleet of 100 vehicles - mostly VW Golfs and Fiat 500s - is being removed from 45...

SNCB wants 10-year extension to monopoly on Belgian rail travel

The SNCB has begun lobbying for a 10-year extension to its monopoly on domestic rail travel in Belgium, ahead of next month's federal elections. Belgium's rail market is due to be opened up to competition in 2023. The request to remain the sole operator is contained in a memorandum intended for...

'Animal party' to stand in Belgium's 26 May elections

An "animal party" will be standing in Belgium's regional and federal elections next month for the first time. DierAnimal describes itself as "national, bilingual and pro-animal" and is fielding 200 candidates, all of whom are "at least vegetarian or vegan". It says other political parties in...

Erfolglose Menschen

Wir haben keine Erfahrung mit Problemen oder Unglück. Wenn wir also wirklich reines und dauerhaftes Glück und Freiheit von Leiden wünschen, müssen wir lernen, unseren Geist zu kontrollieren, insbesondere den Wunsch. Mit Weisheit können wir verstehen, dass unser menschliches Leben sehr wertvoll ist, schwer zu finden ist und einen großen Sinn beinhaltet.

Stunning Switzerland Trip

Did you always want to visit Switzerland? To really explore major parts of the country? Expat Club organises a second epic trip to this beautiful Alpine land in 2019. We visit many historic Swiss villages and cities, drive through the most scenic regions, and enjoy the best panoramic views of the highest mountain tops. We stay in good 4* and 3* hotels, travel with a super-de-luxe bus and designed a great program for you with several optional visits. This will be a trip to never forget. Since the bus has only Royal Class seats, there are less spots available than our usual trips.

Chateaux de la Loire Trip

The Loire Valley is located about 200km South from Paris. Often it is called the Cradle of the French or the Garden of France due to its many orchards and vineyards. Nowadays it is primarily known for the incredibly high number of castles, most of which are just exquisite. During this trip we will see five exceptional ones up close: Blois, Cheverny, Chenonceau, Amboise, and Chambord. A local expert guide will stay with us for 3 days. So you will learn everything about the history of the region, the outside and inside of the castles and all the fun anecdotes.

Paris Air Show Trip

The Paris Air Show has mesmerised aviation lovers for over a century. It is the world’s best-known, most prestigious and largest air and space event. Expat Club went to this bi-annual mega event for the first time in 2013, the second time in 2015, the third time in 2017, and we’ll be there for the fourth time also in 2019. We can say with confidence that this show is incredibly spectacular (see pictures here). The last edition brought together well over 2200 exhibitors, 150 (very) special aircraft and more than 320.000 visitors.