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Reopening of three Reyers tunnels is delayed

Repair works on the Reyers tunnels - where the E40 motorway from Liège enters Brussels - are taking longer than expected, Brussels Mobility has announced. Three of the six tunnels remain closed. The tunnels from Montgomery and Meiser towards the motorway are now due to reopen in March - instead of...

EV riders: The move towards electric vehicles in Brussels

There are almost half a million cars in Brussels, but just 2% of them are electric, hybrid or powered by alternative fuels. That figure should grow over the next decade, as the regional government rolls out bans on polluting vehicles as well as taxation policies designed to force a switch from...

On location in Brussels: Why the EU capital is playing a star role in film and TV series

The Belgian capital featured in 23 feature films and 12 TV series in 2018, a record for a city that is increasingly attracting production companies from home and abroad.

Forget any clichés about drab Brussels, the city is popular for its cobbled streets, sweeping boulevards, green spaces and architecture that veers from medieval to Art Nouveau and Art Deco, not forgetting contemporary steel and glass structures.

Sustainable Investment: Short-term craze or modern-day necessity?

Wherever you look these days investment firms are all marketing themselves as leaders in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), yet it is often difficult to know how a firm manages its selection criteria.

Is this a short-term craze, some type of marketing ploy to try and attract the modern-day investor? Or should we be less cynical and consider this actually a modern-day necessity? Do we need to change the way we view the world and invest in ways that benefit the planet and therefore our own long-term sustainability. 

On-site rave to celebrate tunnel renovation

While the end of the two-year-long works to the Porte de Hal tunnel mean that traffic should flow more smoothly, don’t try to drive through on Saturday night. Fuse nightclub will be hosting a rave in the tunnel to celebrate the end of the renovation. Mobility minister Pascal Smet himself asked the...

Dry Ginuary Afterwork at Cospaia

Join us at our 1st gathering of the year at COSPAIA's HEATED TERRACE and propose a toast to a fantastic 2019 

How To Give Your Event A Social Media Personality All Its Own

A standout amongst the most dominant approaches to elevate your occasion is to give it a voice and an identity. On the off chance that your occasion can "represent itself with no issue" it turns into an element totally separate from any occasion coordinator or association and makes a brand participants will begin conversing with and following.

The most ideal approach to make this occasion "persona"? Social media!

Des livres sur les pirogues asbl

Brussels charity aims to reduce the risk of Congolese children drowning on way to school

It was the news that nine school children had died when their canoe overturned on the Congo River that spurred local activist Elozi Lomponda to set up the charity Des livres sur les pirogues . “This event deeply affected me. I thought it’s not possible that children have to die on their way to...

Bart De Wever in bid to become Flemish minister-president

Bart De Wever is ready to become minister-president of Flanders following the elections in May. The mayor of Antwerp called a surprise press conference today to announce N-VA’s ambitions for the regional and federal elections, which take place, together with the European elections, on 26 May...

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal in April 2019