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Belgium boasts the most powerful passport

Belgian passport holders can travel freely to 124 countries, 91 of them without a visa, according to the Passport Index 2020, the most out of all countries worldwide. Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria also enjoy unrestricted foreign journeys. But residents from these countries...

Record-breaking heat wave returns to Belgium

Uccle, Brussels – home of Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) – saw temperatures soar to 31.6°C yesterday. It is the hottest 14 September on record, announced the IRM’s meteorologist David Dehenauw on Twitter. And 15 September will be even hotter, with predictions of 33°C, even 34°C made...

Freelance Business Month: 31 days of online inspiration this October

In a year that has seen many of us adapt to new ways of working, a free month-long digital event this October aims to help self-employed people around Europe grow their business, make connections and share skills and knowledge.

What began as a day-long event for freelancers in Brussels has become Freelance Business Month - 31 days of talks, inspiration, practical workshops and masterclasses, bringing together self-employed workers from across the continent.

Socialist party SP.A to change name to Vooruit

Flemish socialist party SP.A is going to change its name to Vooruit. Party chair Conner Rousseau made the announcement last week, and the process of switching to the new name should be complete by December. The new name references the beginnings of the socialist movement in Flanders. A socialist co...

Tasty pastry: Our pick of the best sweet treats on offer in Brussels

Makowiec & rogaliki z makiem Poppy seeds have been used in Eastern European baking since pre-Christian times and are ever popular in Polish patisserie. Makowiec poppy seed cake (pronounced mak-ov-yetz), has gone from being a Polish must at Christmas and Easter to appearing at all sorts of...

See Brussels' museums in a different way at Come Back festival

More than 40 Brussels museums, from Bozar to the International Puppet Museum, are working together on a joint project to encourage visitors to come back – or discover them for the first time. The Come Back festival, from 1-4 October, will see each museum invite artists and other cultural...

Rats create tunnel system under Etterbeek avenue to steal rubbish

The intelligence and efficiency with which the rat population is at work on Avenue des Celtes ( pictured ) is downright disturbing to residents of the street, near Cinquantenaire. A devilishly clever system of tunnels is allowing the rats to move about quickly in their quest to tear open rubbish...

Violin lessons by Juilliard Graduate

If you are interested in following lessons with a prize-winning violinist with more than 30 years of experience in teaching and performance, you have come to the right address.

30/45/60-minute lessons on the Violin, Viola, and Baroque Violin are available in person and ONLINE.

All levels accepted: from beginners through advanced professionals.

Rallying cry for more women cyclists in Brussels

Some 200 women got on their bikes on Sunday to highlight the lack of women cyclists in Brussels. They rode from place Jo Cox, near Ancienne Belgique, named after the female Labour MP murdered in 2016, to Place Bockstael, Laeken, where Anthea Missy’s brightly-coloured fresco of a woman cycling with...

Sophie Wilmès to remain in power until 1 October

Belgian prime minister Sophie Wilmès will continue to lead the country until 1 October, two weeks after the original date set six months ago of 17 September. The announcement was made at a virtual debate, held by her Mouvement Réformateur (MR) Francophone liberal party to mark the return of the...