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When do I need to file my Belgian income tax return?

00:57 01/05/2021

The tax return on paper must be filed by 30 June. This means the tax return must hit the letterbox of the scanning centre in Jambes (near Namur) or in Ledeberg (near Ghent) on that day. Don't leave it to the last minute. Putting the tax return in the mail on the 30th may be too late.

If you forgot the deadline, you can file online until 15 July. Plan ahead; Tax-On-Web tends to get overloaded. Based on past experience, the tax office gives a forecast of the busy days.

If you are too late, you can always give a power of attorney to an accountant or a tax adviser (that is done online at the latest on 31 August). He can then file online until 21 October. However, on behalf of all accountants and tax advisers, please do not bring your shoebox with your payslips and tax documents on 20  October.

If you aren't living in Belgium, or if you have the expatriate tax status, the paper filing deadline for non-residents is much later, usually in the beginning of November (on paper) or, if you or your tax adviser file online, a few weeks later.

When do I receive my tax return?

The tax authorities must send your tax return to you five weeks before the deadline. They are being sent during the month of May. Tax-On-Web can be accessed from 5 May. Non-residents will only be able to access Tax-On-Web from the middle of September.

It's 1 June and I haven't received my tax return yet

If you filed your tax return online last year, that is normal. Once you file online, the tax authorities assume that you want to continue filing online and they do not send you a paper tax return anymore. In the past you could ask to receive a paper tax return the following year, as a sort of reminder. The tax authorities do not send them anymore; that saves on postage.

If you want a paper tax return or if you have not received your tax return yet, you must contact your local tax office and ask them to send you a form. If you have difficulties locating your tax office, check page 2 of last year's tax bill (under ‘Calcul’), check the website of the Finance Ministry or call 0257 257 57. This is a call centre that answers most tax questions.

This is also where you should go if you lost or misplaced your tax return. Do not use a photocopy of a friend’s tax return; that would only get you both in trouble.

We received a tax bill instead of a tax return

For many people, the tax authorities already have all the information that they would put in their tax return. To make life easier for retirees, people with an invalidity or unemployment allowance, or students over 18 who have some limited income. Instead of a tax return, they send them a letter with a provisional tax bill calculating how much tax they will have to pay based on the information the taxman already has.  About a million taxpayers will receive a "proposal of a simplified tax return" (see model in Dutch / French / German).

All you need to do is check whether the information is correct; if so, the definitive tax bill will come quite soon. If there is something missing, you have to report that by 30 June (or online before 15 July). What the taxman does not know is that you have overseas bank accounts or insurance policies or that you receive maintenance. Moreover, you may want to recover some withholding tax on dividends (see p. 35).

The tax authorities used to send this provisional tax bill by mail. Not anymore. You need to check your eBox online ( The Belgian tax authorities realised that there were too many mistakes and they are informing some 140,000 taxpayers that they will will have to file a full tax return.

I am late

If you forget to file (or to sign online), you risk a fine between €50 and €1,250 and a penalty of 10% to 200% of the tax. The highest penalties are really for persistent repeat offenders. What is more important is that the taxman can just ignore your tax return when he assesses the tax..

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  • This guide was written by Marc Quaghebeur, an international tax lawyer and partner at Cabinet DAVID. It is a general introduction based on current understanding of the law. It is not to be taken as a suitable alternative for individual advice.
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And also I wonder about tax rate: "Belgium has a corporate tax rate of 33.99%. Companies that operate under VAT have to pay tax on purchases at 21%. Certain services, like those related to food, water, pharmaceuticals, domestic transport, printed books, periodicals, and others, benefit from a 12% VAT rate." (Source: )
Is that information still relevant due to the recent crisis?

Apr 2, 2020 14:16