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Help! Where to get assistance with your Belgian income tax return

00:41 01/05/2021

Don't get daunted by the tax return; it looks more complicated than it really is.

How difficult is it really?

For most, filing a tax return should not be that difficult. It is just a question of copying the numbers from one piece of paper onto another one.

Make no mistake: that brown envelope releases the inner procrastinator in you and on the last day you will be chasing these little bits of paper.

The first time, things may be quite straightforward because you only have your salary to declare. There should be only about ten to twenty codes to complete. What is more, the taxman already has most of the information that you will be reporting. If you file online, you will see that the information is pre-completed.

Filing a tax return takes more time and concentration when you get married, take out a mortgage or pay your household help with titres services/dienstencheques, if you have made tax-deductible gifts, have put money aside in a pension saving account …

Filing your tax return can take between three and five hours. Once you are used to it you can get the job done in about one to two hours (the taxman calculates that it only takes half an hour).

It is a good idea to make a spreadsheet with the codes and the information you completed. That will help you next year.

Can I get help?

This is a short guide to filing your tax return.

If you need professional help, you can work with an accountant or a tax adviser. Not only do they have experience; they can also buy you time; they can file your tax return online until 21 October.

You should know that the tax authorities are also available to help. However, due to the pandemic, you cannot meet them any more in their offices, in town halls or in shopping centres. If you want them to help you, you must call the number on the envelope and make an appointment with the tax man or woman for a telephone call.

They will help you complete your tax return; after the call they will send you a report by mail.  You can sign that report and send it to the scanning centre, or you can file your income tax return online via Tax-on-web.

Be sure to have your tax return, your electronic identity card, your papers, payslips, certificates for tax deductions (mortgages, life insurance, pension saving, donations, childcare, maintenance pay, titres services, etc…, your tax bill for last year, and the tax bill for the real estate tax (“précompte immobilier”).

The taxman certainly has a lot of experience, but he cannot give you more time; the deadline for paper filing is still 30 June and for online filing 15 July.

There is no shame in asking; about 1 million Belgians check with the taxman.

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  • This guide was written by Marc Quaghebeur, an international tax lawyer and partner at Cabinet DAVID. It is a general introduction based on current understanding of the law. It is not to be taken as a suitable alternative for individual advice.
Written by Marc Quaghebeur



We’re finding our accountant (here in Belgium) very difficult/ slow and worried about incurring fines as a result. Is there any recourse or ombudsman we can appeal to if we do face fines because of him?

Jul 21, 2019 10:09

I am afraid not. You can walk away and find someone who is more au fair with international taxation.

May 27, 2020 20:49