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Filing your Belgian income tax return online

19:01 05/05/2019

To file online, you log in with your electronic id card, a token or via Itsme. This is a Belgian app that you can use to identify yourself with the tax office and other government services. You download the app from the AppStore or Google Play and you activate it once with your bank card or electronic identity card. With Itsme, you can login to Tax-on-Web with a 5-digit code or your fingerprint.

To log in with your electronic ID-card (the one with a chip), you need an ID-reader, and the PIN code you received with your id card. If you lost your PIN-code, the commune can give you another one with your puk code.

Setting up the software for the e-card reader may be the trickiest part. Keep in mind that you may have problems if you do not use one of the traditional browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome).

My identity card doesn't have a chip

This is usually the case if you live abroad. You will have to apply for a token; you can register with FEDICT ( to identify yourself with some identification such as your national number (on the back of your ID card or your tax return) and the number of your ID card. You choose a username and a password and receive an email with a link to confirm. Your ‘token’ arrives by mail about ten days later. It's a card with 24 codes like SOLIPE or WAPERI. When you log on to Tax-on-web, or when you sign in, you will have to asked to identify yourself with e.g. code 13; just type WAPERI and you are in.

How does Tax-on-web work?

When you log in, you open your own Taxbox on Myminfin, and you find something that looks like an actual tax return (it is the document préparatoirethat comes with your paper tax return.

You will see that when the tax authorities already have information, the boxes will already be filled out. That is the case for the identity of your dependent children, the cadastral income of your house, your salary and the wage withholding tax or your titres services …

On each page you can click and get online explanation, add a comment or attach a PDF-file. The help files don't offer much more information explanatory booklet that the tax authorities give you online.

Calculate the tax

Before you sign and finalise your tax return, you can calculate how much tax you will have to pay. It is a rough estimate because it doesn't take account of complicated issues like cross border workers, overseas income, etc. That calculation isn't the tax bill; that will come later.

Don't forget to sign

The tax return is not filed unless you sign with your PIN code (if you have an electronic ID card) or with your access code. Spouses and partners who file a joint tax return must log on and sign separately with their PIN code or access code. As long as both spouses and partners have not signed, the return is not filed.

When you have both signed, you receive a confirmation of the date and time of filing. I suggest you print it or save a copy.

You can always check the summary of your tax return in your Taxbox. It isn't a bad idea to save a copy as well. You don't need to send a copy of the confirmation or the PDF-summary. 

Once the tax return is filed, you can still correct your tax return online until 11 July. If you need to change anything after that date, you will have to contact your local tax office. You can call them or just send them a letter saying: "in code 1030-10, please replace 1,000 by 1,500".

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  • This guide was written by Marc Quaghebeur, lawyer and partner at Cabinet DAVID ( It is a general introduction based on current understanding of the law. It is not to be taken as a suitable alternative for individual advice.
Written by Marc Quaghebeur



Sir, could You help me with valid information about tax refund from Belgium. My friend is working for the Croatian company named DD Montaza from Slavonski Brod. He works in Antwerpen for more then six months and on every pay day he gets payroll from his employee and on that paper there is every month a tax amount approximately 700 euros. Now he wants to file his taxes and asked his employe to give him paper with list of payed taxes and payements in Belgium. His employee doesn`t want to give to him and saying he doesn`t know what is it. Is there any other way he could get that list in Belgium or to what institution he can report a problem. I am sure he has tax return right. Also does he need to give papers for two children alimony?

Thank you.

Mihaela Stipic

Jan 4, 2019 22:10