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Belgium launches campaign to put retrieve 'dormant' small coins

07:22 10/07/2024

Belgium’s finance ministry is launching a campaign to bring "dormant" coins back into circulation.

The campaign calls on people to dig out their old change and put it to use, estimating that €1.5 billion is “sleeping” in pockets, drawers or under the sofa cushions.

Under the hashtag "spendyourchange", the finance ministry is encouraging people to spend these forgotten coins at retailers because despite the large quantities of coins minted each year, Belgium is facing a problem with the circulation of small change.

“By reactivating just 2% of these dormant coins, we could save more than €5 million a year in production costs,” the ministry said.

Coin production also has an environmental impact, since the raw materials - copper and nickel - come from South America or Asia. Importing from these regions, plus manufacturing the coins, releases large quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere.

People may have already seen signs at some retailers’ registers referring to coin shortages.

The finance ministry said that in addition to spending coins on purchases, people can exchange them for banknotes at banks, free of charge.

Numerous associations also collect coins for charitable purposes.

Written by Helen Lyons



J'ai contacté la BNP, la banque ne semble pas être au courant de la campagne. Je voudrais savoir si je dois prendre rendez-vous pour livrer mes pièces ? Vont-ils le compter gratuitement ? Dois-je regrouper les différentes pièces dans des bage séparés, c'est-à-dire 1€, 5 centimes, toutes dans des sacs différents ? La banque va-t-elle me donner de l'argent ou créditer mon compte et dans quel délai.
why would a bank as big as BNP not be aware that they can take the coins ?

Jul 11, 2024 12:24