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Charleroi factory workers paid €30,000 each in error

09:55 14/11/2018

Workers at a steel factory near Charleroi had a surprise when they were each accidentally paid €30,000 instead of their regular €1,600 salary.

A human error meant the payroll software at Riva steel plant in Thy-Marcinelle wrongly paid out €7 million in bonuses to 230 of its workers.

The staff were due to receive a €100 bonus, but instead the number of hours each employee worked was multiplied by 100.

"It's the first time I've seen this happen in 10 years working here," said one employee. "I know the money isn't mine to keep, so I haven't touched it, but some of my colleagues have been less cautious. One of them has been playing at the casino."

The factory has sent out letters to all the affected staff, asking them to pay the money back as soon as possible. The Belgian civil code states: "Anyone who receives a sum by mistake, or knowingly, that is not due to them, undertakes to repay it."

The company can obtain a legal enforcement order if a member of staff refuses to pay the money back in full.

Written by The Bulletin