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Region to start work on six of Brussels’ most dangerous intersections

16:44 04/10/2021

The Brussels region is set to start works on six intersections it has designated as dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. It is the latest round of projects to improve 23 intersections in the region that were listed in 2015 as posing the most critical traffic problems.

Six years ago an audit designated 448 sites in Brussels as ‘sensitive’. Of these, 30 intersections were deemed critical, as they posed a significant risk to road users. Most of those – 23 – were on regional roads, and 14 of them have already been improved.

Now works will begin on the next batch of six intersections, which includes: Chaussée de Haecht and Jules Bordet in Evere, Avenues Houba de Strooper and De Smet de Naeyer in Laeken, Leopold II and Rue de Ribaucourt in Molenbeek, Boulevard General Jaques and Avenue de la Couronne in Ixelles, Chaussée de Louvain and Avenue Milcamps in Schaerbeek and the rather confusing traffic patterns than surround Place Dailly, also in Schaerbeek.

Goal: Zero road deaths

Most of the work involves widening pedestrian pavements and adding or improving cycle paths, though in Molenbeek, the traffic lights will be relocated. Once these works are completed – early next year – work will start on the final three intersections that fall under the region’s remit.

Those includes where Dansaert crosses the canal in Brussels-City, the Ave Tervueren and Blvd du Souverain intersection in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and the Meiser area in Schaerbeek. Mobility minister Elke Van den Brandt said these would be completed by the end of this legislature (2024).

“Traffic safety is priority number one in Brussels,” she told Bruzz. “In combination with Zone 30, the improvements to the most dangerous intersections is a historic step forward for traffic safety in the city. We will only be content when we reach zero road deaths in the Brussels region. That’s our goal, and we will continue to strive for it.”

Photo: Place Dailly in Schaerbeek can be rather a challenge for pedestrians and cyclists


Written by Lisa Bradshaw



The whole thing needs an attitude change.
The unfair Article 29bisWAM (2013) has led most pedestrians, cyclists and scooterists to the illusion that "they have won", that they can now do whatever they damn well like in traffic that they "own" the road.
And the authorities indirectly support that stupid illusion!
So... instead of educating the "weak" road user, the authorities are going to mess up the road system again. With more and more and ever more useless, counterproductive roadworks!
And, by the way, zero traffic deaths is ─ unfortunately ─ a blatant impossibility. The very ideashows these do-gooders' glorious stupidity...

Oct 5, 2021 15:05

Intersections are ─ in the first place ─ "dangerous" because of road users' irresponsible, even aggressive behaviour. Did you know the two main epitaphs of the Belgian road user? No?

Oct 5, 2021 15:12