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11:22 26/04/2013

The recent revamp of our website has proved more successful than we could have hoped for, earning praise for its new design and increased interactivity. To celebrate this, we would like to offer our readers a free small ad in our Classifieds section.

1. To place your free ad, go to our homepage and sign in or register.

2. Once signed in, click on ‘small ads’ and you will see our small ads section appear. Click on ‘Post your own’. A form will appear, allowing you to input your information and select the correct category.

3. With all your details filled in, click ‘Go to preview’. Check your small ad and – if correct – click ‘Proceed to checkout’.

4. On the right hand, under ‘Coupons’, use the code ‘newbullfreead’ to set your price to 0 euro.  

 Please note that this code can be used only once per account and that, if you have already benefited from this offer, you won't be able to do so a second time.

Written by The Bulletin



the form never appears to me when im signed in

Apr 29, 2014 09:24