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More drunk drivers in Wallonia than in Flanders

In terms of p ercentage, drivers in Wallonia are more often drunk when involved in an accident than drivers in Flanders . In Flanders , however, many more accidents happen . That's according to the newspaper group Sudpresse based on data from the Belgian Institute for Road Safety ( BIVV ) . Last...

First Belgian fries vending machine in Brussels

Outside a supermarket on the Chaussée de Gand in Brussels yesterday, the first fully automatic fries vending machine served up a hot portion of the Belgians' favourite fast food. According to BreakTime Solutions, the company behind the machine , it is a first in Belgium , writes French-language...

Chez Richard

There are several bars with a history in Brussels, but not many that carry their age as gracefully as Chez Richard. One of the oldest bars in the centre of the capital, it has withstood the test of time among the art galleries, antique stores and chocolatiers at the Grand Sablon. When you enter, the wooden interior and movie posters in the small room bring to mind the sort of beloved black-and-white classics like Laurel and Hardy.

Belgians in more car accidents abroad

The number of Belgians to have a car accident while in a foreign country has doubled over the past five years. The increase has been especially remarkable in Eastern European countries such as Croatia and Slovenia. "The reason for this increase is that we are unfamiliar with t he roads and the...

New mayor for Brussels?

Before the year comes to an end, so will the term of Brussels mayor Freddy Thielemans (PS), according to various sources from both language groups. And that is faster than expected. That 'Freddy' could not finish his third full term of six years comes as no surprise. It was already known that MP...

Belgium sixth in FIFA ranking

Closest competitors Portugal and the Netherlands also played a draw (1-1), while Brazil was beaten by Switzerland (1-0). This brings the Belgian national football team up to a virtual sixth place in the world ranking, although the official version of the ranking won't be published until September...

Crackdown on unpaid traffic fines

The new law would remove a step in the procedure for unpaid fines, according to Sudpresse newspapers. This would allow the prosecutor's office to proceed to an order for immediate payment following two invitations to pay after the expiry of the term. The offender would then have one month to...

More Belgians moonlighting

Last year, 190,821 Belgians exercised two jobs, reports Belgian daily L'Echo . In total, 4.2% of Belgian workers were in this situation in 2012. That makes 13% more than in 2008, at the beginning of the economic crisis. The second job is often carried out under part-time independent status.

Cobra Gallery-Bar

Amid all that Dansaert hustle-and-bustle, Cobra Gallery-Bar breaks the mould because everything about it feels so understated, so familiar, so normal. If you like your bars unpretentious yet cosy, this is where you need to be.

Culture beat - August 14

Yes, we have already written in great detail about the Brussels Summer Festival . If you haven’t been yet, it’s not too late – far from it. The bad news first: Belgian metal legends Channel Zero, who headline the festival tonight, have lost their drummer Phil Baheux, who passed away on Saturday at...