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Eight bad driving habits in Belgium that annoy people the most

21:22 03/12/2018

Drivers in Belgium have revealed the bad habits that they find the most annoying in other road users - and failing to indicate is the number one by some way.

In a poll of 1,200 road users by driving association Touring, 41% of respondents disliked when other drivers didn't use their indicators before changing direction, changing lane, or pulling into a parking spot.

In second place, with 33%, was generally aggressive and reckless behaviour behind the wheel. Hogging the middle lane of a motorway came a close third, on 31%.

Other common complaints about drivers in Belgium were:

  • 4th. Driving at an inappropriate speed (too fast or too slow) - 29%
  • 5th. Tail-gating - 24%
  • 6th. Blocking a junction - 21%
  • 7th. Cutting in front - 17%
  • 8th. Double parking - 11%

"We must continue to focus on detecting and sanctioning reckless driving, which is a direct danger to other road users," Touring said.

In related news, Belgium is planning to remove the requirement for vehicles to have mirrors. The revision to the Belgian highway code would allow them to be replaced by cameras.

A spokesman for federal mobility minister François Bellot said: "When the new code comes into force, it will be mandatory for the car to have 'indirect vision aids', which may take the form of traditional wing and rear-view mirrors, but could also mean cameras that allow the driver to see on the dashboard the traffic beside and behind the vehicle."



The problem with Belgium is the Police...there aren't any patrolling the roads like in normal countries.

Dec 4, 2018 06:50

It won't matter not having any mirrors! They are not used by the majority of drivers anyway! Also having a camera on the dashboard so drivers can see what is going on beside and behind the vehicle is stupid! They will spend more time looking at the camera and not enough time looking at the road. They are already playing around with their phone instead of looking at the road.

Dec 4, 2018 09:10

My pet peeves about Belgian drivers:
1. Drivers who don't stop at a red light and who don't go when it turns green.
2. People who always/never yield at roundabouts.
3. The inability of Belgian drivers to use directional signals.
4. The total lack of respect of road markings: pulling out on motorways across solid white or yellow lines (in Belgium and in other countries too).
5. People who ride the middle lane on motorways. Too terrified they will spend the rest of their lives in the 'slow' lane.
6. Tailgaters in heavy traffic: people who don't understand that it is impossible to go faster than the car directly in front.
7. People who drive at high speed like they own the road (thanks to the car/insurance/fuel paid for by their employer). These people drive aggressively regardless of traffic density and/or weather conditions (rain, fog, freezing conditions don't slow them down).

Dec 4, 2018 11:34
Paul Flaherty

I'm somewhat surprised to discover the top 8 didn't include driving continuously in the outside lane of a roundabout (along with the fact that driving schools are still teaching the practice). (if you doubt it, try Montgomery...………….)

I had always assumed that the lack of signals was because new car purchasers had to pay extra for indicator lights!!

Dec 4, 2018 15:36

Sounds like the same complaints people have everywhere in the world. Nothing particularly Belgian about it. Especially since half the drivers on Belgian highways are not Belgian...

Dec 4, 2018 17:32

I "guesstimate" that about 20% of cars drive around with one or more faulty lights.
This is not a bad driving habit, it's illegal.
The authorities do NOT appear to be interested.

Dec 4, 2018 23:12