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3,000 new cameras to catch dangerous overtaking on motorways

21:55 30/06/2019

The fine for drivers who hog the middle lane of a motorway is doubled from €58 to €116 from this Monday - one of a handful of highway code changes taking effect on 1 July.

Some 3,000 new number-plate recognition cameras are to be deployed along Belgium's motorway network by next year to catch offenders.

A recent survey by Belgian road safety institute Vias found drivers considered hogging the middle lane to be the most annoying habit among fellow road users.

According to Vias, some drivers wrongly believe that the right-hand lane on a motorway is reserved for trucks. Others say they stick to the middle lane because they feel safer there.

Other driving offences that will cost more from 1 July include overtaking by using the emergency lane (ie: on the right), which goes from a €58 to €174 fine.

The fine for lorry drivers who overtake in wet weather will also increase from €58 to €116.


Written by The Bulletin