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Running for Retrak: Week 8

14:03 03/04/2013

Well, I’m halfway through my training for the Brussels 20km, and though it may not be very British – stiff upper lip, emotions to yourself and all that – it seems like a good time to look back and give thanks for a few things.

  1. Thanks sun, for finally emerging this week, meaning I can shed a few layers (short sleeves! imagine!) and stop dressing like the Michelin man.
  2. Thanks legs, heart, lungs, for getting me this far, to the point where I can now run half the 20km without wanting to die. Mid-point mission accomplished.
  3. Thanks to Nostalgie, for playing this and this and this yesterday, kicking in at just the right moment to help me kick on to my best ever distance, and also for providing hours of passive Dutch practice as I run.
  4. Thanks to the reader who got in touch and pointed me in the direction of the Brussels Runners on, and to the reader who invited me to join her and her friends for a weekly 10km. I am hugely looking forward to training with you.
  5. Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me, giving me a reason to keep going and providing very welcome support for Retrak as they continue their great work with street kids in Africa.
  6. Thanks to all those who have offered advice and the odd kick up the backside when necessary.

Thanks to a combination of all the above, I’ve continued increasing my distance and improving my average pace, and am finally feeling confident about getting round the course in May.

Written by Sally Tipper