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Running for Retrak: Week 16

13:37 28/05/2013

So, it's all over: 20 kilometres, 37,000 people, a couple of hours and a few hundred euros for a good cause. And all of it surprisingly enjoyable. Hurts like hell now, of course, and the uphill stretch a few km from the end followed by the murderous cobbles at the entry to Cinquantenaire were quite frankly just cruel. Still, I wanted a challenge and that's what I got. 

Given the numbers of people involved, the run was pretty well organised, and the variety of good causes all those thousands of people were running for was quite inspiring. Huge thanks to the women who'd taken it upon themselves to hand out chunks of fruit along the route - and a sarcastic thanks to the roast chicken vendors who'd set up shop with their delicious-smelling food alongside the route in Boitsfort. That, too, was just cruel.

So. Would I do it again? Ask me when I'm capable of walking again. You can probably hear my knees creaking from where you are. But I wouldn't rule it out... Thanks to Retrak for their great support throughout, and thanks to everyone who's sponsored me and supported me along the way. The money we've raised is going to go a long way to changing a lot of kids' lives. 

Written by Sally Tipper