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Philanthropy in Europe: New platform boosts cross-border donations

Charity donations across Europe
11:50 30/06/2020

A new Belgian-designed European online cross-border platform – Transnational Giving Europe - was launched on Monday. 

The King Baudouin Foundation project helps Europeans give generously to good causes in a number of other EU countries. It is backed by Creative Europe, among other organisations, and the aim is to create a single European market in philanthropy.

As a collaborative network of philanthropic institutions, the TGEP platform simplifies the process by making cross-border donations a digital user-friendly experience. It allows individuals and companies to make donations to causes and organisations of their choice across Europe while benefiting from tax deductions in their home country.

King Baudouin Foundation’s head of international philanthropy Ludwig Forrest said: “As coordinator of the Transnational Giving Europe Network, the King Baudouin Foundation is pleased to introduce this innovative digital solution that will allow cross-border generosity to fully flourish in Europe. Now, more than ever, European philanthropy will be able to play its complementary role to public action.”

The first beneficiaries of the platform are opera and ballet companies nominated on Monday by FEDORA, an organisation that promotes innovation in these artistic disciplines across Europe. Among the short-listed, is Ghent-based LOD Theatre. While the initiative was in the pipeline before Covid-19, the launch coincides with a period when the performing arts are in particular need of support.

“This European initiative harnesses the digital shift and unites us all in the support of artists across borders. Together, we can unlock the full potential of creativity in the interdisciplinary fields of opera and dance through innovative collaborative projects that engage our hearts and minds,” said FEDORA director Edilia Gänz.

Another participating group is Common Goal, a charitable movement that encourages professional football players, managers and businesses to pledge a minimum of 1% of their earnings to sports-based non-profit organisations that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Common Goal has also helped develop the pilot platform, encouraging stars to donate outside of the handful of countries where they play in the high-paying leagues.

Its co-founder Thomas Preiss said the digital solution would help unite the global football community in directing resources to charitable initiatives that would drive progress towards the UN goals. “Common Goal is a proud supporter of the Transnational Giving Europe Platform initiative and excited for its launch. The platform will transform an integral part of our operations as we can now offer a more efficient way for our members to make tax deductible donations.”

Photo: Andrey Popov (c) iStock/Getty Images Plus


Written by Sarah Crew