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Culture Shock

Want to know where to find a tap-dancing class? Don’t know how to get from Brussels to Milan by train? You can post a question on the Q&A and it will probably be answered within a couple of hours. It can be anything at all. Someone will know the answer. Clubs It takes time to settle into a new...

Easy Tempo

The signs were bad, for so many reasons. Firstly, there was my friend Jack’s claim that he knew “this great little Italian”. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard this announcement, but it’s often enough to twig that “great little” usually means “cheap(ish), for the very good reason that the food is – at best – average”. Secondly, there was the fact that the restaurant in question was in the stretch of Rue Haute halfway between the flea market and the bottom of the Sablon; an area where the onus is more on fashion statements than on culinary excellence.