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Thierry Michel 'L'homme de sable'

Documentary on Belgian documentary maker

Malcolm Morley 'Recent Paintings'

Significant artist who left England for New York in the 1960s

Georgio 'The Dove' Valentino

Homage to Italian poète maudit Piero Ciampi

Sophocles' Antigone

In association with ETCetera, a new production of Sophocles' Antigone in English, directed by Sophie Thompson:

The Theban Trilogy: When King Oedipus finally learns the truth about his identity and realizes that he has killed his father and married his mother, he responds by cutting his eyes out and going into exile. His wanderings lead him to Colonus, where he dies, leaving behind the tragic legacy of a cursed bloodline: two sons and two daughters whose fates are doomed.


Highlight of week-long celebration Pride4Every1

Restaurant Day

New food festival - public initiative!

Aksum Coffee House

For the best beans, they go to the mother country of all coffee: Ethiopia. Aksum roasts the beans daily on site, and you can even take a few bags of it home with you.

Aksum is not exclusively Ethiopian, however, even if one of the baristas is from there. You can also order an attaya, sweet Senegalese tea, café touba, Senegalese coffee with jar pepper or amarula coffee, made with espresso and marula cream from South Africa.

Over 300 sex abuse complaints against Belgian Church

The Belgian Roman Catholic Church said yesterday that it had received more than 300 complaints about sexual abuse of minors last year. Three quarters of the 307 dossiers opened were from Flanders, and the majority of complainants were adults who had waited before coming forward after the Church...

30% fewer road deaths on weekend nights

While weekend nighttime road accidents killed 12 people a month on average in 2011, last year that figure dropped to 8.5 per month. Given this sharp decline, weeknights are for the first time potentially more lethal than weekend nights. More road deaths occur in the daytime than at night at...

Mobistar suspends broadband, landline & internet products

Belgian operator Mobistar has said it will suspend its internet, fixed telephony and TV services on the residential market from next week while awaiting more favourable regulation, reports Broadband TV News . Mobistar will, however, ensure the continuity of internet and fixed telephony services for...