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Brussels art walk

If you are interested in art, 
yet feel intimidated or confused in front of contemporary art, 
or not courageous enough to push the gallery doors… 
Then, we are here for you!

Mille et une nuits

Upon entering Mille et une nuits on a nippy Friday evening, our group is met with a waft of heavy warm air and a room so dark it takes the eyes a moment to adjust.

Belgian diplomatic representations to be reformed

A shake-up of Belgian diplomatic posts is under way, foreign minister Didier Reynders confirmed to Le Soir. The reform is borne out of economic necessity and sees some embassies and consulates close, some open and others merge with their Dutch counterparts. Among the most high-profile new permanent...

Walloon life expectancy lower than neighbouring regions

Life expectancy in Wallonia is lower than that of all neighbouring regions, according to figures released by the World Health Organisation. With the exception of Walloon Brabant, all Walloon provinces have a lower life expectancy than adjacent regions. In Hainaut, women have a life expectancy of 81...

Production resumes at Ford Genk

Production has resumed at the Ford factory in Genk today after a four-month stoppage, due chiefly to worker unrest. Ford said in October that it would shut its Genk plant and transfer the manufacturing of about 120,000 cars a year to a plant in Valencia, Spain, resulting in the loss of about 4,300...

School drug busts on the rise

The number of dog-assisted police drug busts in Belgian schools has risen sharply in the past five years, Le Soir reports. A total of 157 such operations took place last year, compared to 64 in 2007. They are initiated by school authorities, under the terms of the PLP41 directive, which governs...

60% of Turkish women coming to Belgium end up divorced

A large majority of women who come to Belgium end up seeking a divorce, Today’s Zaman reports. The figures come from research by the Ella association, which was established in Brussels in 2000 and helps promote women’s emancipation among ethnic minorities. Birsen Taşpınar (pictured) and Sarah Avcı...


Padma Ling Belgium welcomes Gyetrul Jigme RINPOCHE for two conferences in Brussels in English with French translation: 'Symbolism of Dreams' on April 24 at 20h, Salle Le Fanal, rue Joseph Stallaert 6 (Pl. Brugman), 1180 Uccle and 'How to  become one's own therapist through meditation' on April 25 at 20h, Centre les Sources, rue Kelle 48, 1200 Woluwe-St-Lambert. For more info or or 0479 051 408

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