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More Belgians moonlighting

Last year, 190,821 Belgians exercised two jobs, reports Belgian daily L'Echo . In total, 4.2% of Belgian workers were in this situation in 2012. That makes 13% more than in 2008, at the beginning of the economic crisis. The second job is often carried out under part-time independent status.

Cobra Gallery-Bar

Amid all that Dansaert hustle-and-bustle, Cobra Gallery-Bar breaks the mould because everything about it feels so understated, so familiar, so normal. If you like your bars unpretentious yet cosy, this is where you need to be.

LifePoint Church Brussels

Hello. Welcome to LifePoint Church.

LifePoint Church exists to point people to a Christ-centered life.

London-based vocal trio Voice

Unique London-based female a cappella trio, Voice, whose recently released album has been described ‘heavenly’ and ‘stunning’ by critics, make their first performance in Brussels.

Voice will perform repertoire from their newly released album, Musical Harmony, the name of which is taken from the prose of inspirational medieval abbess Hildegard of Bingen. The title track brings her words to life through a composition by Marcus Davidson written for the trio in 2012.

Wales / Galicia: Identities and Societies

  Couto Mixto Bruxelas ASBL, the Galician Cultural Society of Brussels is delighted to host professors Syd Morgan and Dr. Alan Sandry from Swansea University for an afternoon discussion on the theme

" Wales / Galicia: Identities and Societies"


Culture beat - August 14

Yes, we have already written in great detail about the Brussels Summer Festival . If you haven’t been yet, it’s not too late – far from it. The bad news first: Belgian metal legends Channel Zero, who headline the festival tonight, have lost their drummer Phil Baheux, who passed away on Saturday at...

Urinating in the street twice as costly

Brussels alderwoman for public cleanliness Karine Lalieux has announced that higher fines for urinating in the street and for fly-tipping had come into force last Wednesday. " I propose to highlight the policy against incivility by raising fines for antisocial acts that cause major damage:...

Belgian Stock Exchange tax revenue grows in 2013

Belgium's stock exchange tax (‘taxe sur les opérations boursières’ or TOB), imposed on the buying and selling of investment products, yielded €20m more in the first six months of this year, compared to the same period in 2012, predominantly due to the tax rise implemented in Belgium last year,...

New traffic sign officially unveiled

A new sign, known as F45b, will make its official entry into the Belgian traffic code on August 18, reports Centrex, the police’s traffic information centre. The sign, which signals a dead end “except for pedestrians and cyclists”, had already been tested in some communes in Brussels and Flanders...

Taxpayers ordered to pay… €0.00

12,000 Belgian residents have received reminders for unpaid fines to the amount of €0.00, because of a mistake by the federal public service for finances, the Sudpresse newspapers report. A glitch in an automatic search engine seems to be the cause of the problem. "The amount mentioned below still...