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Financial planning for expats: Free webinars on taxation, retirement and wills

15:45 21/05/2024

Brussels law firm Cabinet David is running a free webinar series on tax and estate planning topics for expats in Belgium.

TEP-talks explain basic tax questions and address estate planning in simple terms. 

Upcoming events

Retirement Planning for Expatriates in Belgium 30 May, 18.00

When you are an expat in Belgium, retirement planning just gets a bit more complex, with overseas pensions, plus having to choose a place to retire and possibly working while retired, etc.

From expatriate to inpatriate 6 June, 18.00
The expatriate tax regime has now been replaced by the inpatriate tax regime. Not only is it often less advantageous, but many expatriates suddenly become liable to all sorts of Belgian taxes.

Estate Planning for Dummies 20 June, 18.00

A first introduction to estate planning for expatriates in Belgium.

Estate Planning with Wills 27 June, 18.00

How do you make a will in Belgium? Is my will at home still valid in Belgium? Plus other questions.

For more TEP-talks to come, see tax and estate planning (TEP)-talks

Written by The Bulletin