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Limburg launches expat survey to assess needs for international school

09:09 26/09/2022

Expats in Limburg are asked to fill in a short survey to assess their needs for an international school in the Flemish province.

Launched by the province and the economic development agency POM Limburg, it focuses on the experiences, needs and preferences of expats such as internationals regarding an international education.

POM Limburg, together with LRM, Corda Campus and the deputy for education Bert Lambrechts, is carrying out the preliminary study for the foundation of a bilingual primary and secondary international IB-school.

With the results of the study expected by the end of this year, organisers are appealing to foreign nationals to respond to their survey.

“Are you, as an expat, interested in international education? Then share you opinion in our short survey. Your answers will be processed anonymously and confidentially. If you know any other internationals living or working in the area, please inform them about this survey.”

As a business accelerator, POM Limburg is focused on improving the province’s international image, promoting its quality of life for expats and its value as a location for foreign companies.

It collaborates with the Expat Centre Limburg, a special service dedicated to skilled internationals living and working in the region.

POM Limburg

Written by The Bulletin