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Expat grocer Stonemanor defiant that its stores will remain open

Stonemanor grocer Everberg
15:49 11/02/2022

Stonemanor’s two stores in Everberg and Rhôde-Saint-Genese remain open for business while the expat retailer awaits a Belgian court decision after falling foul of local food labelling laws.

Manager Ryan Pearce told the Bulletin that the “complex situation” was heard in court on 7 February, with the judgement not expected before early March.

“We had expected to be forcibly closed around 20 January. This has yet to happen. We are open as normal and both stores are fully operational with regular deliveries from both the UK and Ireland,” he said.

The Belgian regulations causing legal problems for Stonemanor concern a 1977 law that states that food labels must be in the official language of the region where the product is sold.

As both of Stonemanor's stores are in Flanders, all ingredients and allergen information should be translated into Dutch.

But Pearce remains adamant. “We have no plans for shutting our doors for good.”

Stonemanor has been delivering thousands of food products and other items from the UK since 1982. Following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on 1 January 2021, it has increasingly turned to Irish suppliers for many of its products.

The store continues to provide updates on its Facebook page for its army of loyal customers.

Written by The Bulletin