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Dear 'J' why are you aggressive?


Dear 'J', I often read these posts, I read many folk trying to be helpful & some answers that help me. Some folk are smart, some stupid, some selfish, some lost, the whole gamut of humanity is here. And perhaps those of us who indulge have time on our hands and as the saying goes "need to get a life" whatever that means.
And then I come across your responses, often so aggressive & rude - WHY ?
Why bother reading & replying when it riles you so ? You appear to attempt to hurt folk ? and I wonder how your gall bladder's holding up?

I'm curious because; there is much aggression in our world right now, and I'd like to understand why - because; aggression doesn't work, it achieves nothing positive, it's a waste of time-life-health-a waste of everything methinks.
Will you give me your point of view ?

Tentative regards, expecting little, but always in hope,


Clearly the word paedodontics (or pedodontics) has never entered J's vocabulary. Buy him/her a dictionary.

Jun 19, 2013 12:44

Well a quick google and a few clicks finds that there are 2 pediatric dentists in the whole of Belgium. There is absolutely no way that you'd go & see such a specialist without a referal from your regular dentist for a specific problem.

Jun 19, 2013 14:36

The last response is wrong on two accounts. First, OP was not looking for a pediatric dentist but for a dentist who is used to dealing with children. Second, you do not need a referral.
One man walks up to another and asks "do you know what time it is?" The man answers "yes" and walks off. He walks up to another and asks the same question. The man replies "it's none of your business." Humans have the capacity to understand tangential statements and incomplete information, and to read text with many letters missing. Humans also have the capacity to be polite. Some people miss having one or the other, and sometimes both. This part of my comment is not directed to the last comment's writer.

Jun 19, 2013 17:43

No Mimi - my last smart arse answer was in reply to your smart-arse answer trying to show me up as an ignorant twat. I'd hazard a guess that "paedodontics" wasn't in your vocabulary either before you hit lucky on Google and c&ped it from Wikipedia. Anyway, I digress. We shouldn't be going off-topic like that.

"Humans have the capacity to understand tangential statements and incomplete information"
Well, they think they have. It's called jumping to conclusions. That's why it is so important to try to get a full and concise picture of what a problem really is before you solve it.

Jun 20, 2013 00:30

Just impressed wt the genius that is J, and the others on here that always seem to know everything and so much more. I click a like on all of you. And come on, J's sarcastic,cutting , hillariously sharp replies are a great read. Ok yeah, not when you r at the receiving end, but have to admit, it's a laugh.

Jan 20, 2014 14:11