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Dear 'J' why are you aggressive?


Dear 'J', I often read these posts, I read many folk trying to be helpful & some answers that help me. Some folk are smart, some stupid, some selfish, some lost, the whole gamut of humanity is here. And perhaps those of us who indulge have time on our hands and as the saying goes "need to get a life" whatever that means.
And then I come across your responses, often so aggressive & rude - WHY ?
Why bother reading & replying when it riles you so ? You appear to attempt to hurt folk ? and I wonder how your gall bladder's holding up?

I'm curious because; there is much aggression in our world right now, and I'd like to understand why - because; aggression doesn't work, it achieves nothing positive, it's a waste of time-life-health-a waste of everything methinks.
Will you give me your point of view ?

Tentative regards, expecting little, but always in hope,


Well said!

Jun 15, 2013 15:47
questionmark Jun 15, 2013 17:06

Dear Pollyanna,

He is a miserable fart that's why !

Jun 15, 2013 22:23

Actually, I analyse and solve problems for a living, and I am extremely good at it.

A lot of the time, I can spot what the problem is, and I can throw a solution out.

Occasionally, I get it wrong.

A lot of the time, all I do is point out that the problem is in fact the person seeking an answer to the problem in the first place.

I tend to get to the point.

I am sorry if you interpret short, succinct and to-the-point advice as "aggressive". You are wrong in that interpretation.

If at any point, you think that I might be in anyway unobjective, discriminatory or personal, then please state your case and I will give it due attention.

Otherwise, please (fill in the blanks yourself)

Jun 15, 2013 23:13

I wish, that similar to Facebook, there was an option to "like" responses on this page. J would get a "like" from me on a regular basis. If people thought before they hit the send button, they might often realize how stupid their question is--or how obvious the answer is.

Jun 16, 2013 00:23

I am curious to find out just how "little" you were "expecting"

Jun 16, 2013 00:41

I read the answer and questions often, and whenever the questions are well thought out, then J's answers are to the point and helpful.

However, if a question is not well thought out, and thus, not written well, how can the "questioner" expect a helpful response if his own question doesn't make sense?

And maybe the responses from J to those questions are the ones that seem to be aggressive, to some of us, they are much needed comic relief.

I would also hit the like button to J's responses!

Jun 16, 2013 03:43

May I endorse 'wpbreps' comments.

I've been using the site since I moved here 20 years ago and have always been frustrated by the number of questions which are not well thought out and not double-checked before being posted.
Long ago I stopped posting answers which first require me to ask, 'Where do you live?' and those which assume that I will somehow magically know exactly what the questioner is asking about.
Too many questions are posted which, if asked by a work colleague or at home by one of your teenagers, would get a smart, 'Look it up for yourself' in reply.
If you post a well worded question to which the answer can not easily - and more quickly - be found elsewhere and you will always get help.

Jun 16, 2013 10:35

I look at Q&A most days -- And J gives a lot of good info - Maybe more direct than I would be sometimes - but the Q&A would be a lot worse without him -- Many questioners would miss accurate answers

And I second the points raised by kassiestamper, WPBREPS and Sparkles and indeed J him or herself.

Go to Q&A after trying a 30 second internet search or after asking a friend, colleague or neighbour.

Jun 16, 2013 12:16

It is quite frustrating seeing how many people post things like "where can I find a hairdressers in English?" without any indication where they are looking in the world, what their budget is, I am often tempted to reply "try XXXX in London or Sydney", in fact I probably have answered like in the past. Many questions are really a LMGTFY type, yes it seems rude to reply like that but how else can one reply other than doing like kassiestamper.

Jun 16, 2013 13:40