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"While Brussels is home to hundreds of chocolatiers, what makes a visit imperative… is the rich heritage of artisanal chocolate-makers,” writes The New York Times in


The Belgian chocolate producer Isis has changed its name to avoid negative associations with current events in the Middle East.


A new chocolate museum has opened in Brussels, celebrating the heavenly confection in all its forms.


The headlines covering the first week of the Olympics in Sochi have been dominated by photos of unfinished hotel rooms, faulty infrastructure, and exploding budgets, but the main issue closer to h


If you heard that the Salon du Chocolat to be held in Tour & Taxis next month was the first of its sort to be held here, your first question might be: “What took them so long?"


Leen De Leener and Willy Roelandts have been making chocolate since 1978 when the couple took over a little artisanal shop in the Koekelberg commune of Brussels.