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Brussels region considers plastic straw ban

21:15 18/03/2018

After banning single-use plastic bags last year, the Brussels government is now considering a ban on plastic straws.

The Belgian catering industry uses 1.6 billion straws per year. Brussels environment minister Céline Fremault has commissioned a study to see how a ban - for non-medical use - could be applied.

The proposed ban is part of a year of discussions throughout 2018 on how to achieve "zero waste".

The Bon juice bar chain in the European district gets through about 2,000 plastic straws a day. Manager Nicolas Thomas told RTBF: "There are not many solutions. Either it's no straw at all, which can be complicated for a takeaway cup, or straws made of steel or aluminimum which are expensive."

The zero-waste Boentje Café in Schaerbeek provides a stainless steel straw with drinks. Co-founder Sandrine Belgrado said: "It was a real challenge - customers were surprised at first. Now some customers even ask to buy the straws to use at home."



All types of plastic should be banned for pet accessories (toys, feeding bowls, water bowls) and also for kids toys.

People can use paper straws or no straws.

Our ancestors lived without plastic, so can we.

Mar 19, 2018 14:20