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Brussels local currency Zinne to launch in 2019

21:54 09/09/2018

Brussels is getting its own local alternative currency - the Zinne - from the new year.

A collective of citizens' groups around the city have been working together on the project in recent months, with the goal of encouraging consumers to support local business and the circular economy - and strengthening community ties.

The currency's value will match the euro. After a public competition in July, Zinne has been picked as the winning name. Now a graphic design competition has been launched to determine what the new banknotes should look like.

Similar local currencies already exist in Namur, Liège and Gembloux. Brussels Environment experimented with an alternative currency, the Eco-Iris, in two Brussels neighbourhoods in 2012 but it was scrapped a year later after failing to build up sufficient scale.

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I don't understand.

Sep 10, 2018 05:49

Does this mean that we won't use the Euro in Brussels? What will the Zinne be used for? A bit of an explanation would be good.

Sep 10, 2018 12:20

A community currency does not replace the official currency (the Euro.) A community currency is an alternative currency generally used to promote local purchases among those businesses accepting the currency.

Sep 10, 2018 21:25

What will the Zinne be used for? A bit of an explanation would be good. A community currency does not replace the official currency bluestacks

Jun 10, 2019 12:46

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