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Belgium’s terror threat level remains unchanged at 3

15:05 26/11/2023

The terror threat level in Belgium will remain at level 3, meaning there is "a serious and probable threat", according to the country’s prime minister and minister of justice and home affairs.

The threat level, established by terror analysis body OCAM is justified in part by the situation in the Middle East.

There are concerns that the violence there could have an influence on Belgium, even if there have been developments following the announcement of a humanitarian pause in the Gaza Strip.

Also playing a role is the follow-up to the investigation into the terrorist attack on 16 October, in which two Swedish football fans were murdered in Brussels. Authorities still fear the possibility of a "copycat" attack.

Investigations are under way to determine the origin of the weapon used by the shooter, as well as any links he had in the virtual world, particularly to foreign countries where arrests have already been made.

The Belgian Jewish community continues to be the subject of particular vigilance, with reports of anti-Semitic remarks or acts on the rise.

Victims are instructed to report any of such acts to authorities and authorities say “every report will be taken seriously and, if necessary, will be followed up by legal action”.

Written by Helen Lyons