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42 diseased trees to be felled in Brussels Park renovation

13:40 02/09/2021

Brussels Park is undergoing a €1.5 million renovation - the first such revamp the park is getting in 20 years. To keep it at least partially open to the public throughout the process, the renovation will be divided into three phases spread over three years.

A total of 7,800m² of dolomite paths and 3,000m² of lawns will be redeveloped, and 42 chestnut trees will be cut down.

"The 42 chestnut trees show all the signs of attack by different pathogens: chestnut leaf miner, bacterial chestnut canker, and fungi at the base of the trunks", said a Brussels-City spokesperson.

Since this is a classified site, the City had to get the green light from Brussels Heritage before cutting down the dead and diseased trees.

The 42 felled trees will be replaced by lime trees, "just like the trees that were originally planted when the park was built," said Zoubida Jellab, alderwoman for green spaces and public cleanliness. The trees, which are already 10 years old, will be planted in November.

Photo: ©Nicolas Maeterlinck/BELGA


Written by Rebecca Rommen