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Win original artworks in Brussels’ first art hunt on 18 September

The Art Hunt
13:17 03/09/2021

Ohana Nkulufa (pictured below) is on a mission to make art more accessible. The owner of art financing service LenArt has organised The Art Hunt to give art lovers the chance to win one of 10 original pieces that are hidden in stores and businesses in the centre of Brussels. Clues are being released before the hunt to help participants track down the works.

How does the competition work?

Well it’s simple and not simple at the same time. We want participants to think about the art hunt like a giant egg hunt; the idea behind it is to open art collecting to everyone. You can find the 10 clues to the 10 hidden places on our website. The clues are linked to the places and not the art pieces because we want people to be amazed when they find them. It’s supposed to be fun and I hope that people will discover new places in Brussels as well as art. We’ve all been stuck at home for a long time and let’s hope it will be sunny and a fun day out.

Can you join the hunt any time during the day? 

The idea is to give everyone the possibility to take part, including younger people who might like to do it in the afternoon and families who might prefer mornings. That’s why we will soon release some slots: 11.30-13.30, 13.30-15.30 and 15.30-17.30.

What information are you releasing in advance about the artworks? 

We’re giving the names of the artists to encourage people to visit our website and social media and to have an idea of the artists we’re working with. They’re all contemporary artists who are based in Brussels. The aim is to put these artists on the map as some are young and not very well-known yet. But we are not saying which art works are in the competition because we really want people to be surprised on the day. I can tell you that they are works on canvas so that if you are starting a collection, they’re easy to place in your home.

 The Art Hunt - Ohana Nkulufa

Why did you decide to organise the event? 

It’s the first time that we are doing it and starting with 10 artists is a lot of work, but we hope to have a second edition next year and not only in Brussels. It was important for us after Covid hit the cultural world to attract people in a different way. In September, there are lots of openings and parcours types of events, but I had the feeling that the art world is really aimed at people who are already in this world and not for everyone else. That’s that’s why I wanted the art pieces to be found in different places around Brussels.

Why did you set up LenArt? 

I launched it in July 2020 with the idea of helping collectors buy art and pay for them in instalments. In Paris, Brussels and even New York, a lot of collectors are asking galleries to pay in three, four or five instalments. The galleries usually say yes, but then it’s difficult for their cash flow problems and they cannot always pay the artist directly. They do it because they need to but it’s not really a win-win situation. I wanted to create this company to be the link between the collector and the art gallery in the financial area.

What’s your experience in the art world?

I studied architecture and history of art before doing an MBA in the art market. I then worked in art galleries in Paris and Brussels as well as with artists. I always wanted to know how the art world works, where all of this wealth is coming from and how we decide which artist is a hit or not. Belgium is a small country but you have a lot of collectors who are very loyal. They are following artists from the beginning and continue to follow them when they are doing very well. Brussels is also a very interesting scene for emerging art. Lots of young artists from France, the Netherlands and Germany come to Brussels to work, which makes it very dynamic.

The Art Hunt – Brussels city centre
18 September, 11.30-17.30





Written by Sarah Crew