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Proximus to sell off part of its art collection

16:10 20/04/2024

Telecommunications company Proximus is selling off some of the works in its extensive art collection, which includes 600 pieces.

Some 70 of those will be auctioned by Christie's in Brussels later this year, from 11 to 25 September, including works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Damien Hirst.

According to Astrid Centner, director of Christie's Belgium and Luxembourg, the international auction is expected to fetch between €1.5 million and €2 million. Centner noted that the collection could attract international collectors, making it more profitable.

Another 130 works that Proximus plans to sell will be offered to the company's employees. These include more affordable works estimated to be valued between €250 and €10,000. Among those are pieces by Pierre Alechinsky and Maurice Wyckaert.

Proximus employees will be able to buy up to two works each.

Money raised from the sales will be put towards the purchase of new works of art, with Proximus aiming to maintain its status as holder of one of the largest corporate art collections in Belgium.

“We absolutely want to continue our collection,” said Stefaan De Clerck, chairman of the Proximus Art Collection, the non-profit association that manages the company's art collection.

De Clerck added that when it comes to acquiring new works, Proximus wants to focus in particular on "digital art" and young artists at the start of their careers.

Works currently in the collection were hung and exhibited at the company's headquarters on Avenue Albert II in Brussels, but now that the building is being renovated, they will be installed elsewhere.

Written by Helen Lyons



Perhaps they will then be able to afford to bring their prices down!!!

Apr 22, 2024 10:05