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When coworking rhymes with wellbeing: Discover new ‘all-in-one’ space in Brussels

10:00 06/09/2021
In association with Aspria

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to redefine the concept of ‘workplace’. Indeed, many companies nowadays are choosing to continue the momentum of remote working, which was imposed by the authorities at the start of the health crisis. And in this context, the principle of coworking, which combines the flexibility of not having to go to the office every day with the advantage of not having to spend the day in the solitude of remote working, is gaining more and more popularity.

Productivity and wellbeing

Because of the pandemic, we have also revised our definition of productivity, which now goes hand in hand with the principle of wellbeing. Employers are even increasingly recognising that these two concepts are inseparable, throwing away the ‘toxic productivity’ that some of us have probably experienced at work. Productivity is therefore now based on the notions of choice, flexibility and mental health. Concretely, to be productive, we need a balance between our private and professional life and the ability to work in a healthy, positive, ergonomic space alongside likeminded individuals, as well as the possibility to take care of our body and mind.

Aspria coworking space Brussels

The benefits of a place that enables you to work and take care of yourself

Coworking spaces are plentiful in Belgium, and new ones are launching every year, by the hundreds. When making a choice, the ideal is to look for a place that will enable you to work but also to take care of yourself, all under one roof - to save time.

Sport is an ideal way to eliminate stress at work. It's scientifically proven: physical activity lowers the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. When you have a rush of anxiety or experience the onset of depression, being able to work out at any time can really help.

Working in a place where you can play sports (or playing sports where you work) also boosts efficiency. But beyond that, the reduced (and even non-existent) distance between the workplace and the gym also means that we don't waste time on commutes. A short workout session (barely 10 or 15 minutes, for example) becomes, in this case, completely justified, whereas one wouldn’t even consider it if there was a journey to make from the workplace to the gym.

A coworking space that suits you

At Aspria, you will find an ‘all-in-one’ coworking space: you will find dedicated areas for working independently or in a team, featuring private pods, comfortable adaptable chairs and a fast Internet connection, but also spaces where you can exercise at any time of the day, where you can relax and enjoy a good meal, a snack or a coffee. Not to mention a programme of events, conferences and workshops - each more exciting than the last.

Aspria Brussels coworking space

Leaving home to use the coworking spaces at Aspria will also enable you to maintain a balance between your private and professional life, so that your home can once again be the place where you disconnect from work (provided you turn off your smartphone!). This will also be the perfect remedy for the loneliness of remote working. Indeed, we all need to have contact with others, and it is even better when we surround ourselves with likeminded people.

Come and discover a new approach to coworking at Aspria: modern and elegant workspaces in the middle of state-of-the-art sports and wellness facilities.

The Aspria coworking space is accessible free of charge to all their members. Visit to find out how to revolutionise the way you work and live.


Written by The Bulletin in association with Aspria