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Walibi offers no-queues pass… for an extra €35

12:06 10/06/2013

Customers willing to pay an extra €35 for their Walibi tickets will no longer have to queue for rides, several papers report today. The amusement park refers to the scheme as "an additional service for those who want more comfort".  With the €35 ‘Speedy Pass’, visitors avoid long queues; they can also opt to only pay an additional €15, in return for which they get to avoid queues at four rides. The normal price at Walibi is set at €33 for adults and €29 for children. "We are the first amusement park in Belgium to offer this kind of pass," said Caroline Crucifix of Walibi. "It's just a little extra that we offer to people who hate queuing, those who want more comfort, or those who want to do more rides in one day." The decision has already been criticised. "How do you explain to a child that he has to stand in long queues while other kids can bypass them because their parents are rich?" asks pedagogue  Marijke Bisschop.

Written by The Bulletin