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Wage Watchers: How much does a communications manager earn?

15:28 21/02/2014
Nena Baeyens, 28, from Ghent, talks about what she earns and how she spends it.

What do you do?
I’m a communications manager at EVA (Ethic Vegetarian Alternatives), an organisation that helps keep people informed about eating vegetarian. We have a trimestral magazine and a website, but we also organize cooking workshops, gastronomic dinners and consulting sessions for cooks managing larger kitchens. As the communications manager for this organisation, I am responsible for the content of editorial publications and press releases, as well as the promotion of our events and campaigns, like our Veggie Thursdays campaign.

Do you enjoy the work?
Yes. I am a vegetarian myself, so I stand fully behind EVA’s mission.

What do you think of the pay?
Because the organisation I work for is a non-profit, my net salary of €1,437.76 is not that high. This is compensated however by the feeling that I’m making a difference daily.

What is your largest monthly cost?
Paying off my house and food. My boyfriend and I find it important to eat well, so we often splurge on organic products.

What do you like to spend money on?
On traveling, concerts and restaurants. Ghent is known throughout Belgium as the best place to find great vegetarian food. Also when we do city excursions, we don’t limit ourselves when it comes to eating. You can find great veggie restaurants in Berlin for example, and in America it’s fantastic to travel around as a vegetarian.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
If I really won the jackpot, I would first take the time to travel the world. After that I would work without pay for EVA for a while. If after all that I still had some money left over, I would consider investing in a place somewhere in the South. I’m not a big fan of Belgian winters, so it would be nice to have a warmer place to escape to during those months.


Written by The Bulletin