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VUB scientist receives European grant of €1.5 million

11:33 10/12/2013
The European Research Council has awarded Flemish scientist Nathalie Vermeulen a starting grant of € 1.48 million for her research on ultra-compact lasers made from carbon-based materials. Vermeulen works at B-Phot, the photonics team of the Free University of Brussels (VUB) specialised in light technology.

By using carbon-based materials, Vermeulen is working to improve the energy efficiency of lasers on a chip that emit a wide variety of colours, making them fit for large-scale applications. The light sources on chips could be used for biomedical purposes, for example, making sure that diabetes patients no longer have to take a blood sample to check their sugar levels. Instead of pricking themselves with needles, patients would only need to hold the chip against their skin. The chip could possibly also serve to detect the contamination of drinking water. 

Written by Andy Furniere


jeffery Barnes

Excellent work and so very interesting, I’m working in the pharmaceutical sector and my key area of interest is within the area of electronics, so your work certainly captures my imagination!

Dec 10, 2013 13:28