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Thousands protest in Brussels against unstunned slaughter

11:20 29/09/2014

Around 7,500 people took part in a demonstration on Sunday in Brussels  against the ritual slaughter of sheep without anaesthesia. Animal rights organisation Gaia was behind the demonstration.

Gaia asks that the law be changed which allows the slaughter of animals without anaesthesia for religious reasons.

A small counter-demonstration took place, as well, to draw attention to all animal suffering in general, and to criticise the focus on sheep. There were no incidents.

The timing of the rally is not accidental, with the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice set to take place on Saturday, a day when thousands of sheep across Belgium are ritually slaughtered without anaesthesia.

Flemish Minister for Welfare Ben Weyts (N-VA) announced that unstunned slaughter in temporary slaughter locales will be banned starting next year.

Written by Robyn Boyle