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Tap & Clap introduces babies and toddlers to joy of music

09:20 05/04/2022

Tap & Clap introduces children to the world of music via sounds, beats and rhythms from around the globe.

The Brussels programme for kids, 0 to four years, also invites parents to join in the fun: jamming, creating new lyrics and using child-friendly instruments.

Tap & Clap

Each of the English-language classes lasts 45-minutes and take place in centres in Montgomery and Diamant, both during the week and at weekends.

Music teacher Margarita creates new playlists for each season, which she sends in advance to participants so they can listen to the songs at home. The emphasis is on fun, she points out. “If they don’t know the songs, it’s not a big deal, they’re quite simple and easy to learn.”

It’s a similar story with the choreography and percussion instruments that help accompany the rhythm and beat. “Parents might have their baby in their hands so dancing and movement should never be difficult. We use egg shakers, sticks and other instruments in lots of different ways that you can easily replicate at home.”

Tap & Clap

With a multicultural background herself, Margarita likes to expose her young and young-at-heart pupils to English and American children’s songs and music from around the world. “Last term, we sang native American tunes, African songs, Bolivian and Scandinavian music and a Ukrainian lullaby.”

Parents need to have as much fun as their kids, says Margarita. “If you’ve been rushing around all week, this is a really good way to end the week or start the weekend.”

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Written by The Bulletin with Tap and Clap