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Stonemanor reopens its stores amid post-Brexit supply crisis #custardcreamgate

Stonemanor sources bacon and sausages from Ireland
16:17 10/02/2021

After a stressful five weeks with no deliveries and an unprecedented weekend closure, Stonemanor opened both its grocery stores on Tuesday, offering customers a large supply of fresh sausages and bacon.

Battling post-Brexit bureaucracy, the mini British chain has been unable to get its trucks across the English channel.

The resulting empty shelves attracted the attention of international media this week. They labelled the crisis #custardcreamgate as British shoppers across Europe were unable to buy their usual favourite products and brands.

Stonemanor’s two stores in Everberg and Sint-Genesius-Rode sell an extensive choice of food, groceries and other items, popular with locals as well as British expats.

But since the UK left the European Union on 1 January, the additional export paperwork required for its various 20,000 products, has led to a major supply shortage. Missing items include biscuits, scones, cheese and milk.

The grocer has resorted to sourcing fresh food, including sausages and bacon, from Ireland. With two lorries waiting in the UK to clear customs, it is hoping for more deliveries this week, promising to update customers on its Facebook page.

Written by Sarah Crew