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Seven of the best second-hand shops in Brussels

07:39 11/02/2018
From clothing by the kilo to classic vintage design, second-hand is something Brussels has always done well. Here are seven places that give new life to old fashion.

Think Twice

A little bit of digging can unearth wonders at Think Twice, a vintage shop with a wide selection of funky, well-selected women’s and men’s clothes. Style is the word at these two central Brussels locations, which regularly put out collections of their best finds at very reasonable prices. The best part of Think Twice is their sales days: at the end of every collection they put all the remaining merchandise on sale for as little as €1. 57 Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains & 71 Rue des Eperonniers


Foxhole has long been the gold standard of vintage shopping in Brussels. It’s a familiar pattern: as you walk past the Marolles shop on a weekend afternoon, there’s always something hanging on its outside racks that catches your eye. And suddenly you’re in, sifting through 1990s jackets and ’70s sunglasses, trying on poodle skirts and well-worn boots – even those who hate shopping can be charmed by the fun of Foxhole. A second location near Saint-Gery means you can do it all again in the city centre. 6 Rue des Renards & 4 Rue des Riches Claires

Melting Pot Kilo

Clothing by the kilo! Melting Pot Kilo is a hipster-perfect place on Rue Haute in the Marolles that has done away with clothing by the piece. Instead, you pay by the weight: €15 per kilo. They offer a great selection. If you’re looking for denim, this is the place to go. There you’ll find bin after bin of lightly used jackets and jeans along with everything else, from seasonal shirts and scarves to leather jackets. 154 Rue Haute

Petits Riens

Petits Riens is a non-profit organisation with second-hand shops throughout Brussels and Belgium. What they earn from selling thrift items they pass on to social actions that fight poverty. The best outlet is their store on Rue Américaine near Place du Châtelain in Ixelles. There you’ll find an amazing selection of clothing for men, women and children in all sizes and styles, as well as furniture, homewares, bikes and books. Of course, in the grand tradition of thrift shopping, finding what you’re looking for will take a little work – with a good eye and a bit of patience, you’ll uncover many treasures. A word to the wise: get there earlier in the day for the best selection; later on the best bits have been picked through. 101 Rue Américaine

Retro Paradise

If you’re short on patience and know you’re only looking for the chic stuff, Petits Riens makes it easy for you: just next door to their Ixelles shop is Retro Paradise. Part of the Petits Riens network, this shop has done a lot of the legwork for you, sifting through to dig out the poshest and often designer wares and offering them at affordable prices. An excellent source for cool accessories, as well. 105 Rue Américaine

Isabelle Bajart

This isn’t your typical second-hand shop: walking into Isabelle Bajart can feel like walking into a museum, and its owners are more like curators of vintage women’s fashion. This elegant store in the city centre makes second-hand an art with its ever-evolving collections of retro designer wares. Every item is unique. It’s the place to go when you’re looking for something truly special and you’ve got the budget to pay for it. You can also consign old clothes there, though the owners are highly selective. 25 Rue des Chartreux

Oxfam Vintage

Looking for a sundress that will make a statement? Try Oxfam Vintage in the city centre, with its strong flower-power vibe and racks of awesome retro prints. Everything is carefully chosen and neatly displayed – good for the person who can get overwhelmed by the thrifting experience. You do pay for the trouble, however, as prices are a little higher than at your typical second-hand shop. But the selection is fantastic and you’ll also find great jewellery and adorable vintage housewares. The best part is that all the proceeds go to Oxfam International’s crusade against poverty. 104 Rue de Flandre

Photo courtesy Foxhole

Written by Katy Faye Desmond



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