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Decathlon to redesign all Belgian stores with circular route

14:22 18/06/2024

The Decathlon store in Evere has become the first branch in Belgium to implement a new layout design that features a circular route that requires customers to walk past every aisle to reach the exit.

The circular route is the same layout used in Ikea stores, for example, and Decathlon plans to switch all 33 Belgian stores to the concept by the end of 2025.

The layout change is one of a number of other renovations the Belgians shops will receive. Others include a new logo design and digital kiosks that will let customers compare different products.

The Evere Decathlon is the largest in Belgium at 9,300m². The walking route takes visitors past all 45,000 items on display.

“Visitors will be immersed in every sport and encouraged to discover new sports,” said Gregory Crucifix of Decathlon Belgium.

Decathlon previously implemented the new concept in its Paris and London shops.



If I wanted to be “...immersed in every sport and encouraged to discover new sports,” I would very well do it on my own, WHEN I chose to and HOW I chose to.
I do NOT appreciate being forced to walk a long stretch of corridor just to get out of the place.
Imagine the dangers of a stampede running over little children and slower moving people, when a full store tries to run through ONE isle to get safely out in case of a fire!
What's in the heads of the people who design this nonsense? manure?

Jun 24, 2024 12:43